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  1. LostInTheSouth

    Question about bronco history

    Was the bronco ever available in other countries? Oh other then Canada and the US that is?
  2. LostInTheSouth

    Another 351w swap

    Ok this is what is going on I have a friend that has a 70 351w that was rebuilt less then 5000 miles ago. He is now putting in a big block in his car he wants to tried me stairght across. My question is this I need real world numbers on what it will cost me to swap my 302 for the 351w? Thanks all
  3. LostInTheSouth


    This is a test only a test
  4. LostInTheSouth

    *UPDATED* Got those T-case Blues

    Well I was drive along yesterday in four wheel high like I do once a month to lube everything up and bang something happen. Well needless to say it is in four wheel drive all the time. So next weekend I get to take my first t-case out it doesn't look that hard already dropped the front drive...
  5. LostInTheSouth

    Who makes this shaft

    The PO put this lower steering shaft on when he did the tilt wheel I was wondering who makes it? I know it's a little hard to see but it's dark out and this was a spur of the moment thing.
  6. LostInTheSouth

    Tom's Lifts

    Has anyone ordered a lift kit from Tom's Bronco Parts? I would like to know how it rides and flexes? I look at their prices are pretty good and they come with rancho shocks which i have had in the past and liked.
  7. LostInTheSouth

    4wheel low ?

    I tried a search first of all and nothing I now it's been asked but here it goes anyways. My transfer case works fine in 2 wheel and 4 wheel high. But when I put it in 4 wheel low you drive a few feet and it pops out of gear what could cause this is it something easy or is it time to rebuild...
  8. LostInTheSouth

    tires which ones to get

    I am looking at getting new 35's or 36's witch ones would you all think I should get. It will be mostly street and trail with a little bit of rock thorwn in. I don't really care about the prices I want to hear how they work.
  9. LostInTheSouth

    How much will it cost me to rebuild my T case

    I'm thinking it is time to rebuild my T-Case on-line from the bronco parts houses it is about 400-500 to get a rebuilt one plus core charge my question is how much have some of you paid to have yours rebuilt locally?
  10. LostInTheSouth

    How much to pay

    I have a good friend that has a 351w that needs a rebulid it ran when he parked it two years ago. How much is this motor worth and what would it cost to rubuild it back to stock?
  11. LostInTheSouth

    Just a test

  12. LostInTheSouth

    PIC's and Info wanted of diff lifts and tire setups.

    I am looking for pictures of a bronco with 35 and a 5.5inch lift and want to know how it rides on the street? Also pictures of a bronco with 33 and 3.5inch lift and how it rides on the street and how good the off-road ability is with them both
  13. LostInTheSouth

    Hey Admin

    What about putting a spell check for use not so good spellers?
  14. LostInTheSouth

    Ebay Roadster

    Hey I saw this on ebay what was the last year they made the roadsters again .Ebay Roadster
  15. LostInTheSouth

    Netural saftey switch ?

    So if my c4 starts in gear then my Netural saftey switch is not hook up? I also heard that there are wires next to the netural switch the controls the backup lights and those aren't working either? Where to start.
  16. LostInTheSouth

    How do you hook up a Volt Meter

    I just installed my 3g alternator and I was wondering how I would go about hooking up a Volt meter the one I had on my old one says alt- and bat+ but what is the alt- on the 3g witch wire? HELP
  17. LostInTheSouth

    B.C. Broncos?

    Does anyone know If B.C. Broncos is back up and running yet?
  18. LostInTheSouth

    Hey ADMIN

    I was looking at the home page and saw that there are free web pages so I went to start one and when you click on the link to get your free site I get an error message . Can you help?
  19. LostInTheSouth

    3G Alternator Help please?

    3G Alternator Help please? Udated 11/4/03 I have seen past theards about swaping in a 86 crown vic alternator off a 351 in. My question is what is needed to do this will it work on a 302 and how many amps do they put out ? Also if not this altenator what would be the best and cheapest?
  20. LostInTheSouth

    C6 ?

    How hard is it to swap to a C6 is it worth it and it would be behind a 351 windsor if that makes a diff. Oh and how much would it cost to swap minus the price of the C6?