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  1. rayc

    OR 1977 in Oregon

    1977 Sport, frame up restoration about 7 years ago. In very good shape with about 5k on rebuilt original 302. All James Duff suspension and prerunner bumpers. Needs very little. Pearl white paint, seams have been frenched at front and back. Tuffy center console, hard and soft tops. I will...
  2. rayc

    help me identify this vibration.....

    I have a pulsing vibration which feels like it is coming from the rear end area. It starts around 50-55 mph and gets faster if I hit the accelerator. It stops when I let up on the gas completely. I had my rear end rebuilt a year and a half ago and have less than 1,500 miles on it. The...
  3. rayc

    need recommendations on gauges

    I am reconfiguring my dash by applying a black powdercoat diamond plate cover. I am starting from scratch, but I know I don't want to keep my current gauges (which are aftermarket). I am wondering if anyone knows of a good value in gauges (don't want to spend $400). I need the speedo, oil...
  4. rayc

    Carter fuel pump help please....

    I can see some of you rolling your eyes right now, but I am the first to admit that I am not the most mechanically gifted person so bear with me. I have a mechanical (Carter) fuel pump that just started spitting out fuel from one of the small holes on the top. Does this mean it's toast or is...
  5. rayc

    Interior diamond plate panels for '77

    Anyone know if there is a person/company that still makes the diamond plate rear quarter interior panels for a '77? There used to be someone on eBay who sold them but I have been coming up empty over the last month or so. I need a set that I can get powdercoated. Thanks in advance, CTR
  6. rayc

    XM antennae

    Anyone have a good mounting idea for an XM antennae with a Bestop soft top? I'm not getting a good enough signal on the hood or windshield frame. Chris
  7. rayc

    campsites at Sand Lake for SOB

    Unfortunately, It is looking like I won't be making it to SOB this year because of logistics. I reserved one site at the campground and a buddy reserved another. He is not a Bronco owner and is probably not going to go if I don't. Which means we may have two sites available. They are two of...
  8. rayc

    Help please!!! blowing fuses

    I started having a problem blowing a fuse in my glovebox labeled "alt/emm". It has gotten steadily worse and now it blows the fuse instantly as soon as it touches, but only when the ignition is turned (not necessarily with the engine on, but just with the key turned). I have tried all amp...
  9. rayc

    How many amps for the alternator fuse?

    Anyone know what size (amp) fuse for the alternator? I blew it and then lost it.
  10. rayc

    Broco sighting x 2 Interstate 5 from Tualatin to Tacoma

    I followed a white F-350 pulling dual EBs all the way from Sherwood-Tualatin Hwy. to Tacoma last Friday. Anyone from this site? I realized on the way up that the get together at Duff's was that weekend. Made me jealous.
  11. rayc

    The Ford Bronco- Ultimate Drive-In vehicle

    When I had my 85 Bronco I use to take the top off, back in to the drive-in and turn the rear seat around. With my 77 I just park and lower the windshield for a completely uninterupted view8-) We were the envy of the evening:) :) The funny part was that we showed up at 7 pm to get a good...
  12. rayc

    SOB, is it too late?

    I want to go to SOB with a buddy but I found all the camping spots are filled up for that weekend. Does anyone know if there is a place to pitch a tent nearby? If we got a motel, would that leave us too far from the festivities?
  13. rayc

    Finally got my new trailer, what do you think?

    Do you think this would go over well at SOB?
  14. rayc

    1st annual vintage suv show, Lowes parking lot McMinnville, OR.

    We're hoping for a better turnout next year;D ;D ;D
  15. rayc

    Taking her fishing.....

    Anyone else got the flyfishing bug yet? I can't wait for the first week in June. EB+Central Oregon, best fishing around.8-)
  16. rayc

    Hey Sachem...it's not too late

    I know you are still beating yourself up over not buying my emblems, but there is still hope http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=2472248751&category=33643 ;D ;D ;D
  17. rayc

    Anyone know if this rear bench will fit?

    I am looking for a fold and tumble and wanted to know if anyone has used the TrailMax Heep rear bench. I like the fact that it has the neoprene cover. Will it fit, huh? huh? tell me tell me.......Anyone?
  18. rayc

    I'm starting to tear up...

    I just noticed that on my last post I graduated from Jr. member to FULL MEMBER! I don't deserve this, I was happy just to be nominated. I would like to thank my wife, my producer, and all the little people that made this possible.;D ;D ;D ;D
  19. rayc

    Tailgate cables?

    Sorry if this has been covered before, but is it possible to pull off the stock tailgate support bars and replace them with cables? If so, does it get rid of some of the rattle? Pics would be really, really, really, really cool too. hint hint:)
  20. rayc

    almost felt like Spring tonight...

    Pretty artsy, don't you think? Especially at 65 mph.