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  1. 75 EB

    75 EB

    Many hours and much cash needed

    Baumannator Mass Buy

    Please count me in on this buy.

    hydro assist steering?

    Another vote for Matt and West Texas Offroad. Bought my ram from PSC but WTO rebuilt and tapped my 78/79 4x4 box. One of the best upgrades on my rig. :)

    stretched bronco

    Thank you. I have some pics but never did a build thread. If there's something specific you're looking for and I have pics of it, let me know and I'll send what I have.

    stretched bronco

    Thank you Carl. Just remembered a few more things I had to do. The crossmember had to be removed and a new one fabbed forward so the suspension could cycle, the inner fenders were stretched and raised in the front and now mount to the core support which was also trimmed to clear rubber. Also...
  6. Rubicon_Cantina_07_027


  7. DSC_3013


  8. DSC_3009


  9. 100_3644



    stretched bronco

    Here's 4 inches forward and 6 back. I used the F150 4x4 box in stock form so the pitman arm still points forward. I moved the coil buckets and installed new mounts forward and relocated the front body mounts to the top of the frame just in front of the radiator. Then removed the stock front body...

    Need info on this CA. Bronco. WH crowd should know.

    That's one of Jim's Broncos (owner of WH). Here are a few pics from last year on the Rubicon. http://www.wildhorses4x4.com/slideshow19

    75 Bronco Daily Driver/Crawler NEW PRICE! 28,500

    Finally, here are more pictures. New price is 28,500!

    75 Bronco Daily Driver/Crawler NEW PRICE! 28,500

    Never thought this would happen, but divorce forces sale. You'll have trouble finding a nicer Bronco for both trail and daily driving. I built this rig to be dual purpose and it does them very well. You can run the Rubicon, give it a wash and take your family out to dinner at a nice restaurant...

    Who is the owner of this Bronco red - stretched WB

    Never did a build thread but have everything on disc so I may put up a thread in the next week or so. It was painted in my driveway with some Nason single stage paint after a body guy went over it. I was following him while he was painting, picking out the little bugs with my pocked knife. ;D...

    Who is the owner of this Bronco red - stretched WB

    Anytime Tito. I'm looking forward to meeting you. PMing you my cell. Seriously Patrick. You have the nicest 86 Bronco II around ........ buddy.:-*

    Who is the owner of this Bronco red - stretched WB

    Hey! Don't mess with my dyslexia! At least I didn't call you that other name with a color and a body part in it. :o :p It's 4" forward and 6" back. Thanks.

    Who is the owner of this Bronco red - stretched WB

    Hey! That looks like my rig. :) Let me know if I can help Tito! And when my rig grows up it wants to be half as cool as CRAWLN86's!