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  1. broncotime

    TX 1972 Solid Trail Truck

    Hey gang I just picked up a new crawler and there is not enough room in my garage, so this one has to go. Let me know if you would like more pics and I can send them. $8,000 OBO https://dallas.craigslist.org/mdf/cto/5153692103.html
  2. broncotime

    Motor Mounts

    Just broke one of my motor mounts this weekend (along with the normal fan through the radiator result). I am looking at the Extreme Mounts that some of the vendors carry, but am hearing that they need to be modified to fit a '91 mustang HO motor (which is what I have). Anyone have any insight...
  3. broncotime

    All Ford Car Show DFW

    I was contacted by the sponsors of this event and asked to try and get some early broncos there, so...... come on out and bring your bronco! http://allfordpicnicdfw.com/ 7th ANNUAL ALL FORD PICNIC 2013 SANDY LAKE AMUSESMENT PARK Sunday MAY 19TH WWW.ALLFORDPICNICDFW.COM 10:30 – 3:00… 33 classes...
  4. broncotime

    DFW Bronco Gathering

    There's a few of us getting together for a cold beer and some BBQ this Thursday at Bone Daddy's in Dallas. This is a Lonestar Early Bronco Club gathering, but as usual, anyone who wants to talk Bronco's is always welcome. Details: When: 4/4/13 at 6:00 (or whenever we get enough folks to grab a...
  5. broncotime

    ATTN: DFW Area Bronco Owners

    Okay, it is time to start thinking about getting together for another DFW area LEBC dinner. Let's plan on Thursday (May 17) at Bone Daddy's on Spring Valley in Dallas. http://www.bonedaddys.com/locations.aspx Let's aim for 6:00. This is not just a LEBC event, all EB owners are welcome to...
  6. broncotime

    TX Front Winch Bumper PRICE DROP $100 OBO

    PRICE DROP $100 Front winch bumper for sale. Lights and winch not included in sale. Shackle hook and mounting bolts are included. Pictures show mounted on my truck with a 3 inch body lift, but this should fit a stock, 1, 2, or 3 inch body lift. Bumper slides into stock frame rails and bolts...
  7. broncotime

    Selling LA EB

    Sitting here watching a mindlessly dumb show called "selling LA". Realtor Katy Landrum drives a client around Venice in a "Jeep". Funny, looks to me like a bronco that everyone keeps calling a jeep. I think they'll fit nicely in Venice...
  8. broncotime

    After Turkey Day - Bridgeport Run w/ LEBC

    Okay folks, what better way is there to burn off some of that turkey/stuffing/pie/etc than to hit the trails at Bridgeport ORV park on Saturday, November 26. We are planning on meeting in the parking area at 0900. Bridgeport has some easy and not so easy trails in a nice compact area. We'll...
  9. broncotime

    TX IROKS on Beadlocks - SOLD

    $1,300 now (not $1,500) 4 39x13.50x15 IROKS mounted on Bart beadlocks. Wheels are 5x5.5 w/ 3.75 inch backspace. Great tires, but when mounted on my full width axles make the rig too wide for my trailer. These tires have 4 trail runs on them (two trips to OCBR, one trip to K2 and one to...
  10. broncotime

    WARN Winch Sale at Northern

    Just saw this, not to bad of a deal: http://deals.northerntool.com/t.d?D4GnW1Ox2ZSr6F=/@HTML_2PREVIEW_2LINK_0a=dikLp-sj7Vtb24GnW1Ox2Z
  11. broncotime

    DFW Area Bronco Dinner at Bone Daddy's

    It's time again to take a break from all the wrenching that I know is taking place in preparation for the Roundup, to meet at Bone Daddy's. Let's plan on 6:00. Need to get some last minute parts from another member? Want to hear others build challenges? Successes? Find out when all the DFW...
  12. broncotime

    Front Lower Coil Question

    I went to replace the not so flexible coil springs on the trail truck yesterday (1979 Full Size Bronco front end) and noticed the coils are not only less flexible, but a lot thicker that the Cage coils I was going to put on there. First problem I ran into was the lower retainers won't clamp...
  13. broncotime

    DFW area Tranny Jack?

    I am trying to swap my NP435 w/ doubler from my yellow truck into my trail truck (NP435 W/out doubler) to get some lower gearing into the trail beater. When I installed them I used a cherry picker, but it was really a two person job and took a while to do. I'm thinking if someone has a tranny...
  14. broncotime

    LEBC North TX Dinner at Bone Daddy's

    Okay, this week snuck up on me fast. Our plan for 2011 was to try and get together on the 3rd Thursday of each month for bronco talk, cold beer, good food, and .... okay visual appreciation of the waitstaff at Bone Daddy's in Dallas. So....who's gonna make it to Bone Daddy's this Thursday at...
  15. broncotime

    2011 LEBC Spring Roundup

    Okay gang, mark your calendars and start planning your vacations because the 2011 Spring Roundup is only a couple of months away. This year it is being held at the all new K2 park in Mason, Texas. The fun starts Friday, April 29 at 8 am and runs all weekend long! Complete park info here...
  16. broncotime

    Hydroboost brakes not unloading

    Anyone have a problem where the calipers don't unlaod all the way when the brake is released? Truck stops fine, but front brake pads still squeezing the rotor even after the petal is released. If I jack up the front wheel, I can just barely get it to spin. I've got front disks (full size D44...
  17. broncotime

    Bridgeport Texas ORV Day Trip 9/11/10

    There's a small group (but growing all the time) of us in the DFW area that will be testing out all our recent mods at Bridgeport on Saturday, September 11 to make sure everything is working before OCBR. Any and all EB's are welcome! Here's some pics from one of our trips up there earlier this...
  18. broncotime

    Quick Hydroboost Question

    I've got a stock PB angled bracket off a 76 that I want to bolt a hydroboost unit up to. Is there a direct bolt on unit that will fit? Thanks
  19. broncotime

    Clayton, OK June 18-20 2010

    A bunch of us from Texas are heading up to Clayton to hit the trails on the third weekend of June. As of now, we've got 10-15 broncos going which means that we'll be able to split up and do moderate trails and extreme trails depending on your rig setup and/or willingness to inflict damage on...
  20. broncotime

    Wheeling With the Wounded

    They held the annual Wheeling With the Wounded event yesterday down at Hidden Falls ORV park (just outside Marble Falls, TX). There were 127 off road rigs there and out of those, only 4 broncos! The three of us (in the picture) wound up taking a family around all morning long who had never...