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    Parking Brake Question

    The earlier model Broncos E-brake setup has a reduction lever with the adjuster located under the floor board driver side area however my 77 has a straight thru adjuster without the reduction lever. I am wondering why this is different and was the reduction built in the foot lever mechanism for...
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    Twin shifter knobs

    Anyone else besides JBG make the engraved aluminum twin shifter knobs? Santa brought me a set from JBG however they have 1/2 threads and I have Toms twin shifter which has 7/16 threads? Or, does anyone know where an adaptor for a female 7/16X20 to Male 1/2 X13, can be found?
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    AOD column shifter

    Quick question for those with a AOD. Which column shift indicator does the Ford AOD use? " P R N D 2 1 " or " P R N D 3 2 1 "
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    Hydroboost Soft pedal problem

    Guys, I need some help here. I am having problems getting my Hydroboost setup to work. I am running a Disk/Disk corvette MC with a hydro setup off a 3/4 ton Suburban. I get a somewhat firm pedal until I start the engine. Once the engine is started, the pedal is way soft and when released it...
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    Ron Francis Wiring question

    I am installing a Ron Francis wiring harness and have a question about the ignition hook-up. I have an after-market distributor that only requires 1 wire 12v hookup to the coil to operate. I know this 12V needs to come from a source that’s hot when the ignition switch is in the crank and on...
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    Ron Francis ignition switch

    I have just started installing my RF wiring harness and already have a question. I was wondering what you guys did for your Ignition switch. I would much rather stay with the original ignition switch so that all the dash bezels match. Plus the RF switch doesn’t cover up the entire hole in the...
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    looking for 2 in 1 exhaust parts

    Where can I score a "Y" for a 2 and 1 exhaust? I believe I am going to give this a try. it needs 2 ends to be 2 1/2" into a 3"
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    Hydroboost return line plumbing

    I'am installing a cooler in the powersteering return line on my powersteering/hydroboost setup. Should I tee the return line from the gear box and the H-boost together so both will go through the cooler OR is the return line from the Gear box the only one I need to be concerned about cooling?
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    Couple AOD questions

    I have searched through the archives however still have a few unanswered questions on my AOD install. I have installed a Lokar TV cable and not sure its 100% correct. THE LOKAR TV DIRECTIONS TOTTALY SUCK! 1). I have the TV cable installed, I have not correctly adjusted yet as I haven’t rounded...
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    Hydro boost question

    I am in the plumbing stage on my hydro install and have a quick question. I have the Corvette Master cylinder and need to know if the front part of this MC services the front or rear brakes? TIA
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    Quick question on installing doorglass weatherstriping

    I have order the complete set of door glass weatherstripping and was wondering on how this should be installed as far as does this just snap into place or does it have to be glued? TIA
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    Looking on any feed back on the firewall insulation kits

    Has anyone tried these firewall insulation kits that some of the Bronco houses are selling? How’s the fit and does this need to be put in with some sort of glue? I have a spray on bed liner on each side of the firewall so not sure if I will need to put this back or not. Watcha think? Thanks in...
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    Question on how to do an inverted flare on SS brake line?

    Help! I purchased a set of SS brake lines awhile back and have since added disk brakes to the rear; I need to shorten two of the pieces. I have an inverted flaring tool however it will not work on the Stainless as it just pushes the tubing through the tool. Any ideas?
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    Looking for these latches for bumpers

    Where can I find latches like these? I am building a Jerry can holder and could make these work great.
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    Differential gurus

    I am to the point with my buildup where I am ready to regear my ford 9” with 456’s and a locker “thinking about an ARB due to being a selectable”. My question/concern is I have also installed a AOD which is 1 ½ longer than stock setup and was thinking about going reverse gear rotation and High...
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    Jerry Can hold down device "need ideas"

    I am building a swing out Cooler and jerry can holder sort of like the one Protofab sells. The only part I haven’t gotten a grasp on yet is a lockable hasp that will hold down the jerry can securely plus allow it to be locked for theft deterrent. Anyone have any suggestions, ideas, Photos would...
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    COMPLETED - StonCrusher Mass Buy is on! - Ends Feb 28

    The StoneCrusher Mass but is a go. http://www.stonecrusher.classicbroncos.com As most of you know Anthony Terry is a member here at classicbroncos, aka “thumping” and is the creator of the StoneCrusher steering system. Anthony has crunched the numbers for us a couple of times and has given us a...
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    StoneCrusher Mass Buy

    Moved to Mass buy section
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    Question for the paint gurus "which paint?"

    Which is the best paint for a do-it-yourselfer paint job. Enron or a base coat clear coat? “ I hope I asked that right” The reason I ask is I am about ready to paint the rig and have always heard great things about Enron paint however this was what the PO had already sprayed on this rig and it...
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    I patched the holes from the spare tire rack

    I know its not much progress however I am not a body guy and this turned out pretty sweet so I thought I would share. I used a scrap piece of sheet metal and cut some plugs, put a piece of flat copper behind the holes and mig welded them up then ground smooth