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  1. ford67bronco

    Removing adhesive??

    What is the easiest way to remove adhesive from my Bronco? I'm pulling the carpet out and I found the previous owner covered the floor and tailgate with it %) it looks like the kind used to spread on floors for laying linoleum. Thanks
  2. ford67bronco


    test deleted
  3. ford67bronco

    Door Panel Question

    Were the door panels from 66 to 68 the same, then changed for 69 thru 77? I'm having polished aluminum ones made for my 67 and want to make sure I list mine right on ebay.
  4. ford67bronco

    Denver/Aurora CO. area people...

    I would like some info about Pull-N-Save in Aurora, anybody been there? Do they have anything for EB's? Any decent donors? Seats, steering columns/wheels, trannies?... I'm wondering if it would be worth taking a trailer out there sometime from Wisconsin. Thanks in advance.
  5. ford67bronco

    Donor for the EB?

    I was offered an 85 s-10 blazer for free (that's all they are worth) if I can use anything off of it. The body and interior are trashed but I was wondering if the power steering would fit in my 67, how about the steering column, disc brakes?? Any ideas or advice would be appreciated, thanks.
  6. ford67bronco

    Bronco Monster

    With all the different styles and makes of monster trucks, has anyone ever seen one with an EB body? Any pics or links?<br><br>(something makes me think madgyver is gonna have something for this question too) ;D<br><br>BTW...Gravedigger rocks! 8)
  7. ford67bronco

    Oil Filter Relocation Kit

    Does anyone here use one? I'm tired of having to pry the side of my engine up to get the filter off & on, it is too close to the frame. What are the pros & cons to these? I know one other pro is being able to put in an oil cooler which will come sometime in the future. 8)<br><br>Thanx,<br>Russ
  8. ford67bronco

    Seasonal use poll

    OK, you people out west and down south that don't see a real winter can be excused from this poll ;D <br><br>My EB is put away during winter to keep it out of the salt they dump on the roads here in WI, it is originally from Florida and has only been driven through one winter here.
  9. ford67bronco

    Twin Stick

    I was wondering if anyone has any pics or knows of a site that has some pics of a twin stick t-case linkage, either homebrewed or bought, I'd like some better ideas on how to make one for my 67, I'm sick of slamming my knuckles on the dash every time I go for 4 low. Thanx
  10. ford67bronco

    Bronco info center

    For anyone that wants more info about the specs, options and changes for Broncos over the years from 66 to 96, check this site out, I found it in the 500 links on the left side of this site.<br><br>Info Center
  11. ford67bronco

    An offtrack question for all EB owners

    Does anyone notice how some people look at you as you drive down a street in an early Bronco? Some stare like they see you floating in a spaceship or something.
  12. ford67bronco

    Procar Elite Seats

    I'm thinking about getting a pair of Procar Elite seats from Wildhorses 4x4 and was wondering if anyone here has some or knows someone who has some, I'd like some feedback on how comfortable they are, if they are built tough enough to handle a lot of offroad use. Any comments on these would be...