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    ZF Transmission, with adapter and dana20, new clutch pressure plate, flywheel

    ZF Trans bolted to a re-sealed 1966 Dana 20 T-shift transfer case BC Bronco adapter kit, including new hydrolic slave cylinder with SS line and all hardware New Luk clutch (Toms Bronco) New Pressure Plate (Toms Bronco) New Flywheel (Toms Bronco) New T/O Bearing (Toms Bronco) New Engine...
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    Who Sells STEEL leaf spring shims

    I rewelded my spring perches at what I thought was 1 1/2 degrees lower pinion angle. I thought all was fine driving around town until I got on the highway 3 months later and noticed vibration between 55 and 60. Re-checked the pinion angle and now it is a streight line with the driveshaft, both...
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    Need help with Shackle

    I pulled my rear springs and shackles off; cant remaeber which side of the shackle gos toward the front. One side has bridging and the other is open. Which side gos toward the front? Does it matter. Thanks in advance
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    Has anyone done Chevrolet TRO with only 2.5 susp lift?

    I am in process of doing the Chev TRO with a 2.5 suspension lift. Have read about everything posted and don't foresee many problems; but, most who do this conversion have more lift (3--5"). I'm looking for any problems specific to the 2.5 lift. I am particularly curios how much you had to...
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    Pitman Arm Positioning and tie rod ends??

    1972, 302, power steering My EB has always steered horrible; It appears one of the PO's put f-150 coils under it. I am not sure it has the correct c-bushings and I think the caster is off. It also has a ton of play in the steering wheel. So last night I pulled the tie rod and drag link off. I...
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    I need to pull my oil pan; do I need to lift the engine a few inches to get it out?

    The first time I tried fwd off-road; as soon as I crested the hill. the axel compressed and the driveshaft yoke tore a hole in my Milodon pan. I need to pull the pan and cut extra clearance. Do I need to hoist the engine up a few inches to get it out? 1972 EB, 302. Thanks in advance
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    ZF, w/BC Adapter kit, D20, New clutch, Pressure plate, flywheel MC

    I am quitting on an EB project and selling off. I have a second EB I drive. This is a ZF out of a 94 Ford p/u w/4wd. BC Bronco adaptor kit with master cylinder, clutch rod, ss hose and throw-out bearing. Transmission has a 66 dana 20 bolted to it that is also included. The tc has been gone...
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    Has anyone tried Redline water wetter for temp reduction?

    My temperature is running as high as 105 degrees on the highway. Newly rebuilt 302 engine, 4 core radiator, 7 blade fan and shroud. Although; it has been in the high 90’s here, I would feel better if I could get it down to at least the 190s. Has anyone used “Water Wetter”? Before I try a...
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    Dipstick and Tube in timming chain cover

    I am putting my truck back together and really having problems with dipstick tube. I have a 7 qt Milodon pan and JD headers. My problem is; when I make enough bends in the dipstick tube to clear the header tube (2-90's), the stick does not want to pass through (hangs-up on the bends). I also...
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    Transmission cooling lines

    I am ready to put the engine/C4 back into my truck and will be making new cooling lines. Was planning on just buying six foot sections of 5/16 steel line from the auto parts store; but, found summit, and others have coils of aluminum line. Kicking around the idea of making them out of...
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    Duff Front Brake Conversion

    I have been researching products for a front disc brake conversion. A search failed to produce much of anything on the Duff conversion. Does anyone have any personal experience with the Duff kit? I know it's expensive and has unique knuckels; but doe it react any better than others?
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    Can I pull the engine, C-4, and t-case all at once?

    I would like to pull the engine, C-4 and transfer case all together. I have a cherry picker and engine equalizer rated at 1200 lbs. So, I was going to try to tilt the engine, up, pretty severely; then level it out once the transmission and t-case start to get close to clearing. Several of my...
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    Rebuilding C-4 Any suggestions on different/heavier components, etc.

    I just bought a second truck. I got tired of not being able to drive an EB to any of the events and this one actually runs). It’s a 1972 with non-original 302 and automatic. It has 4-11 gears because it was originally built with a stick transmission. 33” tires with no body or suspension lift...
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    ZF guys - What did you use for twin shifters

    After sitting in storage for the past 15 months (divorce situation) I am bringing my project back home. So far I have rebuilt the engine and dana 20The engine is in the frame with a new clutch, pressure plate, and flywheel; followed by a ZF and Dana 20. I bought the ZF conversion kit from BC...
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    Q-Jet Rod and Jet sizeing??

    I went out and got a junk yard carb off of a 70 Chevy truck for my truck. I have a stock 302 with the exception of a mild RV cam and Performer intake. I have a Q-Jet expert who is going to rebuild it for me. He is asking me what size primary rods and jets to use; what size secondary rods to...
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    Advice on replacing with a fiberglass tub

    Please give me the facts of life on a glass body. I bought a 66, 1 year ago on fathers day. My first Bronco. It needed both fear quarters and I thought that was all. When I got it home I found the entire back clip was shot, (about the thickness of rusty cheese cloth). At that same time I...
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    Tech Section

    Everyone, I'm new and apologize for tying up the site with this dumb of a question. How do I find the "Tech Section"? I have read several posts that direct people asking questions to the "Tech Section". It's probably under my nose.
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    Tech Section

    Fellas, I'm a new guy and having trouble finding the "Tech Section" I hear people refering to but I just can't find it.
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    Is Body Lift necessary when using a ZF Transmission

    This is my first early bronco build. I have the body off the frame of 66 and am replacing a lot of the sheet metal. The frame is done. I rebuilt a 302 over the winter and it’s ready to go in. From all the reading I have done, I think I would like to use a ZF transmission. Will I be better...