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    75 Bronco Daily Driver/Crawler NEW PRICE! 28,500

    Never thought this would happen, but divorce forces sale. You'll have trouble finding a nicer Bronco for both trail and daily driving. I built this rig to be dual purpose and it does them very well. You can run the Rubicon, give it a wash and take your family out to dinner at a nice restaurant...

    AOD, EFI, TV cable setup

    I have the AOD trans with EFI. Is there any problems with the TV cable hook up? I have the BCB throttle cable setup. IS it a problem. Thanks, ROK

    Northern California Wheelers Please Read

    Please read and get involved. Thanks. http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/showthread.php?t=581821 There's a picture of a Bronco on the front page of the forest service so I'm calling this Bronco related. ;D

    Rust free bottom half of a tailgate

    The top rail of this gate is bent pretty bad but from about the FORD letters down it's in great shape. Rather than toss it I thought maybe someone from the rust belt could use it. Just pay shipping. It's intact now but I'll be cutting it open with the plasma to remove the rods and hardware...

    F150 4x4 power steering box

    I'm looking a 78/79 to use as a core without the 2wd worm gear swap. Or do you know where to find one? Thanks for looking.

    Crossmember issue with axle moved forward?

    I just finished moving my rear axle back 6" and want to move the front forward 3" with Cage arms. My rig has the stock PS box, Chebby 1 ton TRO and 4 1/2" coils. It looks like the drag link will be directly under the crossmember and upon compressing the passenger front wheel hit the crossmember...

    New Wild Horses hood pics

    I stopped by WH yesterday to pick up more parts for my rebuild (crash repair). While there I took a few pics of their new hood with my cell phone. Sorry for the poor quality. It was not mounted yet and still needed the hood pins drilled but here it is. I was going to get the GTX hood but this...

    How to remove the adapter housing alignment dowl?

    I'm trying to install my Atlas and the instructions say to remove the alignment dowl from the C4 adapter housing but doesn't say how. I put vice grips on it and got nothing. Does it need to be heated or is there another trick? The Atlas instructions picture shows it removed, not cut off but I'm...

    STC top measurement needed

    I'm thinking about going up to 37s and hardly clear my garage door with 35s and a Bestop. I know the STC is lower but how much? Can someone with the STC post a measurement from the top of the rear quarter panel to the highest point of the top? TIA. Sorry. I posted this in the wrong forum. Jon...

    twin sticked D20 value?

    My Atlas 6:1 should be here next week and I'm trying to figure out the value of my D20. It was cleaned up and painted when I replaced the tranny a few months ago and has new output seals but the internals are original. Everything works well and the twin stick is a JB Fab SS in new condition. I'd...

    New EB toys: winch & backup camera

    I've been working my rearend off the last few months and picked up a few new toys for the EB. I found one of the last Warn HS9500i's. This thing is fast. And since I have no rear view with tinted windows, a spare and cooler rack I put in a backup camera. It can use two cameras so I'd like to put...

    Need rust removal advice on EB trailer

    This weekend I was wheeling with some friends and mentioned I wanted to find a fixer upper trailer for the EB. One of the guys told me his friend had one he wanted to get rid of for next to nothing. The problem is it's sitting next to the San Francisco bay. After some welding and repairs how...

    Will any year EB C4 work in a D20?

    I bought an HD rebuilt C4 a few months ago and due to a broken arm and a few other distractions I just tried to install it in my EB that came with a C4. The tail shaft is 1 1/4" longer than my old C4 and it's bottoming out on the transfer case. I complained when I received it because it had a...

    NV4500 on Craigslist in Bay Area, Ca.

    Just in case someone's looking. http://www.craigslist.org/sby/pts/72923465.html

    C4 replacement checklist?

    Greetings Auto Dudes I'll be replacing my screaming slipping leaking C4 with a built C4, converter, Derale fan/cooler (to be mounted under the passenger seat), temp guage and maybe thermostat in the next week or two. Also freshening up the D20 with seals and an HD output shaft while it's out. I...

    Intermittent wiper problem

    I just installed the intermittent wiper mod and both the slow and fast speeds work fine, but the delay is giving me trouble. I moved the black/grey wire into the empty slot and hooked up a clean ground but on delay it either moves a few inches in pulses, not returning to the home position or...

    Pics from Jerry's San Jose EB Bash

    Here are a few pics taken yesterday at the party. It was great meeting more of the Bay Area EB crowd. TJK/Trevor. I don't know how I missed getting pics of your rig on the ramp but you clearly had the meanest sounding motor at the party! And it was worth the $50 in gas it took to get there. ;)

    Browse option is gone?

    Yesterday I tried to post a picture from my hard drive and the option to "browse" is gone. There is nothing below "additional options" except the posting rules. I thought it might just be the site acting up but it's still not there. Can someone tell me why? Thanks.

    Anyone running 35 spline & spool in stock 9" housing?

    I just read that it can be done. Is there anyone here with this setup? What are the potential drawbacks if any? I'm locked with 28s now but had planned on going spooled with 31s. For about $180 more 35s can be had through Mike at Complete Offroad.

    wife school

    wife school