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    Hellwig 7867 front sway bar for lifted Bronco

    I have a 68 Bronco with 3 1/2" lift, factory PS and Wild Horses front shock hoops. I've been looking at front sway bar options to help tame the body lean on the street. I was looking at the Hellwig bars and the most common 7864 model will definitely hit my shock tubes. The 7867 for a 3" - 4"...
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    High pinion D44 oil pan clearance

    Has anyone had an oil pan clearance when installing a high pinion 44 in their Bronco?
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    68 Bronco V8 radiator core support question

    I'm new to the Forum and could use some help from the group. I have an early (November 67 build) 68 Bronco, original V8 Ranger that I'm installing a Vintage Air Heat, Defrost A/C in. Here's my problem, my 68 has a smaller radiator opening than the 69-77 core support, its 16 3/4" wide by 10 5/8"...