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  1. Oldtimer

    Dana 44 welds leak oil

    Factory welds for axle (center/tubes) weep gear oil. Is there a recommended sealer, or do I fire up the MIG welder?
  2. Oldtimer

    Track Bar Riser Bracket install issue?

    77 Bronco D44 axle with BCB Tie Rod Over linkage. The tie rod hits the track bar stud at axle, and limits right turns. I purchased a track bar riser bracket made from 1/4” plate. When riser is bolted to bracket on axle there is a 3/16” gap between riser and axle tube. The vendor alluded to...
  3. Oldtimer

    Does any one remember Vic Hickey?

    Reading the K Bar S post brought back a lot of memories of years when Ford had no Bronco parts and the few vendors that did were few and far between. Do any of you know what became of Hickey and the Sidewinder Winch?
  4. Oldtimer

    D44 camber shims

    I am looking for experiences (good or bad) with, and a source for, camber shims for a 77 D44 front axle. I need to install new C bushings to correct the caster from 0 to +3 degrees, and might as well move the camber from -.4 to +1.5 degrees.
  5. Oldtimer

    BC Heim joint stud torque value?

    I am installing a BC tie rod over with heim joints studs. I can't find a recommended torque value for the nuts in the instructions. Do any of you have a recommended torque, or should I use what the Ford manual recommends? Thanks
  6. Oldtimer

    Cam & Crank gears.

    Which cam & crank gears are you using? I am in the planning stage of rebuilding a 351W. I am going with a high torque cam grind (RV type). Memory tells me that the timing of the crank gear is a big contributor to over all performance and economy.
  7. Oldtimer

    Daytime Headlights.

    I am about to install an Extreme Headlight Harness from JBG. Has any one modified one of these harnesses to give you daytime headlights? I think this would involve running power thru both low beams (series) before going to ground.
  8. Oldtimer

    Battery Charger recommendation?

    My 30 something year old battery charger is not up to charging drained AGM (Optima) batteries. What do you recommend as an excellent shop battery charger for wet and AGM batteries?
  9. Oldtimer

    Speedo drive gear in D20??

    How many teeth does the speedo drive gear on the Dana 20 output shaft have. I have searched threads here and seen reference to 6, 7, & 8 teeth,but no definite answer. I need more teeth on drive gear since nobody sells a 12 tooth driven gear and my speedo is way off. Thanks
  10. Oldtimer

    Flange or Flangeless Headers??

    I am about to order Chucks Shorty Headers for my 351W. The question is Flange or Flangeless (slip joint)? What did you pick and why?
  11. Oldtimer

    Front axle geometry and "C" bushings.

    Need some help with my physics. If I add lift to my suspension, the effect is to raise the back end of the radius arms (frame goes up, wheels stay on ground). This would increase caster in front end alignment? So.... as the angle on the polyurethane "C" bushings increases (2°, 4°, etc) am I...
  12. Oldtimer

    Power steering has no road feel?

    To quote the vendor, "power steering conversion that gives excellent road feel and has a 3 1/3 turn ratio". I installed this in my 68 that has a 77 D44 disc brake front end. Not only is there no road feel, but coming out of a corner the wheels will not return to straight down the road if I let...
  13. Oldtimer

    Heim joint tie rod clearance.

    I am planning on installing a heim joint tie rod on my stock 76 D44 front axle (hate the inverted Y). If I install it in the tie rod over configuration will it clear the axle stud for the trac bar?
  14. Oldtimer

    235/85R16's ???

    I am planning on installing 235/85R16's or 245/75R16's on my 68 EB. Are any of you running these sizes? Do you like or hate them? What rims are you using? Thanks for your comments. OT
  15. Oldtimer

    16" Rims

    I am lookingfor 16" X 7" Alloy rims for my 68 EB. Thinking of running LT245/75R16's or LT235/85R16's. Any info would be much appreciated.