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    Alternator not charging.

    So I stumped on this. I have a 97 explorer motor (with the 4G alternator) with the RJM harness and A9L computer. It stopped charging so I got a new alternator from the Auto store, that didn't change anything. I can unhook the signal wire from the RJM harness and touch it to 12v and it starts...
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    Fox 2.0 valving

    I picked up some used Fox 2.0 remote reservoir shocks and am looking for a baseline to start with on valving. Ive searched and have found conflicting info. I have deaver coils and leafs with a 2.5" lift. its mainly a street driven, but go to the dunes 2 trips a year. thanks Brad
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    Explorer pump upgrade

    Does anyone have any drive time on the superduty guts in the Ex body? Does it steer a lot better? Just looking at different options to upgrade my explorer pump. Thanks Brad
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    99 explorer engine

    I would like to up grade my engine, and I found a 99 explorer 5.0 motor with 2 wheel drive trans for $500. Will have to convert this to older style, since it is obdII. Or should I pass and look for a older mustang engine. It seems like a good deal but will I have alot of money converting the...
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    Corbeau seats

    I am about ready to order some baja ultra seats and was wondering are the brackets worth it? Or is their a way to mount them to the floor with no adjustment, any pictures would be great. Thanks Brad
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    Drive line angle

    I am in the process of installing a zf and 205 along with a 1" body lift. I got in a hurry when taking out my old trans and did not measure the angle. Is there a proper way for setting the trans angle in there before I build my crossmember? Thanks Brad
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    Full width or not?

    Looking for some advise. I've got a 69 with a drum 30 up front and was looking at upgrading to a disk dana 44. I can find a full width one fairly easy but not many narrow ones. I daily drive it about 70% of the time and 30% at the dunes or in hay fields, no rocks. Would the full width handle...
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    4x4x2 questions

    I was wondering if a powersteering gear box from a 1976 f250 4x4 is the same as the 79 box, I got one free but, most tech articles say 78-79 box. Also would a steering box from a 1996 f250 work for the internals. Thanks Brad