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  1. mitch@wildhorses

    Early Ford Broncos Making Pritchett Canyon Look EASY!

    In the NEW Carnage Chronicles series, a group of new Broncos take on Pritchett Canyon Trail in Moab, Utah. In this series, we focus on rock crawling machines taking on some of the toughest obstacles on trails throughout the US. There's no fluff, no loud music - just men(and women) their...
  2. mitch@wildhorses

    I found some pretty serious lifter wear...

    She’s not looking too hot. But let me back up real quick. After hearing a knock in the engine bay, I was led down the rabbit hole trying to find the problem. Eventually I talked to a fellow Bronco driver who pointed me in the right direction as far as how to diagnose the problem. Low and...
  3. mitch@wildhorses

    Super Celebration Wisconsin Recap Video!

    INSANE Ford Broncos at Super Celebration Wisconsin! The first annual Super Celebration Wisconsin was a blast! Wisconsin Dells has so much to offer for the family and we took advantage of all the fun times that Wisconsin has to offer. We had a great time seeing all our old friends and meeting new...
  4. mitch@wildhorses

    Perch Collar Lift Kit Install & Review

    Will 37s Clear? In today’s video, we learn how to install the perch collar lift kit for your Ford Bronco. This install is on a 2021 Bronco SAS Badlands with 37" tires and a -12 offset. We highlight some of the install then we review the lift kit after using it for 3 weeks. We hope you enjoy!
  5. mitch@wildhorses

    New Broncos on 40s Rock Crawling on Steel Bender Trail

    The Carnage Chronicle EP 8 In the NEW Carnage Chronicles series, a group of new Broncos take on Dragon's Tail Obstacle on Steel Bender Trail in Moab, Utah. In this series, we focus on rock crawling machines taking on some of the toughest obstacles on trails throughout the US. There's no fluff...
  6. mitch@wildhorses

    Heavy Duty Bronco Tie-Rod Brace (Off-Road Test)

    Installing BroncBushing + BroncBrace In today’s video, we highlight the BroncBuster bushing and tie-rod brace and how it can help keep your new Bronco tie-rods from snapping under trail pressure. We highlight some of the install then go into some trail reviews of the product. We hope you enjoy...
  7. mitch@wildhorses

    SoCal Broncos Recap Video

    Big Bear Bronco Bash 22 From Raptor Broncos to Fun-Haver Broncos to the glorious 1st Gen Broncos that we all know and love, Big Bear Bronco Bash offers something for everyone despite skill level or background! This event is always a ton of fun and we appreciate Dusty, Stephanie and all the Socal...
  8. mitch@wildhorses

    FREEDOM to Pick your Own Gift! (July 4th Deal)

    We have a 4th of July Deal for your Bronco! This Independence Day, we're giving you the FREEDOM to pick! Save $$$ on your order or represent AMERICA with our Home of the Bronco shirt. It's your choice! Pick your gift when you spend $200 or more. www.wildhorses4x4.com
  9. mitch@wildhorses

    Father vs Son | Wild Horses Bronco Battle

    As Fathers Day approaches we wanted to take some time to thank all the Dads that keep this community going! You guys pass down that passion to your children, we see it at our Roundups, Super Cels, Meetups and some of you even let your kids watch our Channel! Now more than ever we thank you for...
  10. mitch@wildhorses

    Bronco won't start... guess what went wrong

    I feel like many of us have made this mistake before... especially with a Ford.
  11. mitch@wildhorses

    Rock Crawling Ford Broncos Through the Rubicon

    Would you believe me if I told you we didn't even get off the WILD HORSES lot before we had our first breakdown? If you've been watching the channel any length of time then you probably wouldn't be surprised but for those who are new, let me fill you in. For us, bad luck is a pretty normal...
  12. mitch@wildhorses

    Big Bear Bronco Bash Recap Video

    Wow! A recap video less than a week after we got back? We are making progress! haha Here's the recap for Day 1 of Big Bear Bronco Bash 2021. We tackled Big Bear Lake's most iconic trail, John Bull, with some of Socal Bronco's finest horsemen. Check it out with the link below! And stay tuned for...
  13. mitch@wildhorses

    Moab Bronco Safari Recap

    It's about time we got back to Moab Bronco Safari and it's about time we uploaded this video!! ;D this took a huge chunk of time to edit, and it might consume all of your lunch break, but if you have 30 minutes, make sure you check it out. We hit three solid trails-Steel Bender, Top of the...
  14. mitch@wildhorses

    Finally Some Brand New Tail Guards?!

    It is official! WILD HORSES has officially announced their new Armor-geddon tail guards! Made of D13, 0.20 steel, these brand new tooled tail guards could only get nicer with a paint job. We are currently working on an install video that shows just how simple the install is and how glove-like...
  15. mitch@wildhorses

    Hard Core Rock Crawling In Texas-FIRST TRAIL OF THE YEAR!

    If you miss old Broncos getting hammered on the trail, you definitely want to check this video out! This is one of those videos where the rigs have more rubber than quarter panel left so you know we were wheeling some gnarly stuff! haha Shoutout to Gordon from Bailie Bilt and Jesse from Hella...
  16. mitch@wildhorses

    Early Bronco VS NEW Bronco at KOH 2021

    So I want to preface this by saying that we definitely need a rematch, but I'll let you decide for yourself! haha ;D maybe we can start a drag race segment on the YouTube channel if anyone else wants to take on the 1.5 Liter 8-) either way, stay tuned for the rematch and check out our time at...
  17. mitch@wildhorses

    Finally Did My Transmission the Right Way

    Here it is! The much anticipated 700R4 diagnosis! After blowing my second 700R4, I figured it was time to seek professional help, and no I'm not talking about a psychiatrist(although that might be a good idea). Instead of trying to reinstall the transmission by myself, I took my rig down to...
  18. mitch@wildhorses

    My Bronco Blows Transmission While Snow Wheeling

    In today's video, the WILD HORSES crew impulsively decided to head out to Bear River Reservoir to take on what was supposed to be a super easy trail. Three Broncos, a Ford Ranger, and a Jeep Cherokee make for quite a fun group. We were having an absolute blast but unfortunately, I can't seem to...
  19. mitch@wildhorses

    The Super Cel East Recap You Might Not Have Been Waiting For

    Sorry to bring up old news, but for those of you who miss hanging out with Bronco people, we finally finished our Super Cel East Recap! Hopefully you can relive some of the fun times from the event! Sorry it took so long, but we had a really busy past couple months. But here it is! Disclaimer...
  20. mitch@wildhorses

    Overlanding Across the Continental Divide in Ford Broncos

    Made in collaboration with Bronco Nation, this trip was a journey through some of the toughest parts of Colorado. Believe it or not, snowy inclines, cold temperatures, and 50 year old trucks make for one epic adventure. Although the tough times came and went throughout the trip, our group ended...