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  1. SCWALKER0104

    MS 75 bronco uncut

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/564880358314136/ Just decided to post my bronco for sale. 4 wheel disk breaks, original 302, C4 transmission, and transfer cases all rebuild about 2k miles ago, everything is new or rebuilt 34.5 tires on 18" raceline.
  2. SCWALKER0104

    18" wheel problem!!!!!

    Looking to see if anyone can help me??? I ordered a 18x9 raceline wheel that has a -12 offset and 4.5 back spacing. The wheel sticks out like 3 or 4 inches. I have a 3.5 suspension lift with a 1" body lift. Was going for the lifted luber look. What offset and back spacing do I need for the wheel...
  3. SCWALKER0104

    MS 1977 bronco

    Not my bronco but I know this guy. I wanted this bronco about 2 years ago but he would not sale it. I have a full restoration going on so here y'all go hope someone gets this bronco. http://northmiss.craigslist.org/cto/3253956065.html
  4. SCWALKER0104

    Need help with wheels and tires

    I'm putting a 3 1/2" lift with 2" body lift On a 1975 bronco what is the best wheels and tire combo that will fit. I'm looking at 33x12.5x18 tire with a 18x9 wheel that has +19mm offset and a 5.5 back spacing. Guy told me it would not fit.. Please help. Really want the 33x12.5 tire to fit...
  5. SCWALKER0104

    Can I use this tire size??????

    Putting this on 2-inch Deluxe Body Lift Kit w/ Mounts 2.5 Suspension System....need to know if 305 -55-20 will fit...also putting on a wheel adapter..thanks
  6. SCWALKER0104

    Best way to remove rust on axles..

    Trying to remove rust on my axles and don't know where to start...I've herd wire brush and a lot of elbow grease, or media blasting. What didi u do and how did it turn out.
  7. SCWALKER0104

    MS Bronco rotisserie

    Need one soon looking to spend $400 to $600.
  8. SCWALKER0104

    best way to remove tub????

    Can someone show me the best way to take off my tub from the frame without it flexing......thanks
  9. SCWALKER0104

    MS Delete me............!!

    Thanks everyone all items have a new home...now how do I delete this off of here...
  10. SCWALKER0104

    Lug patern

    Can some one tell me how I can get my 5 on 150mm wheels on my bronco with out adapters or spacers. Is it cheaper to buy new wheels they are 20in also. Thanks
  11. SCWALKER0104

    Frame work ......?

    Going to dip my frame in a few weeks and cant find a good way to coat the inside of it. Has anyone used a 6 foot ext for a airless paint spray gun to paint inside? Also what kind of paint do I need to use I'm thinking of carbon mastic or por-15. Any ides are welcome. Thanks
  12. SCWALKER0104

    MS Need a Tub!!!!!

    Need a tub that can be fixed. The price has to be right with what the damage is. Thanks!!!