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  1. thegreatjustino

    Tech articles not displaying properly

    All of the tech articles now look odd and none of the photos show up.
  2. thegreatjustino

    CA Bronco Toys

    Tons of Bronco toys. Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Jada, Greenlight I would prefer to do package deals on these, but will sell individual ones. With the cost of shipping even small items being around $5 these days, most individual purchases will be $20 shipped. Will negotiate on package deals. As...
  3. thegreatjustino

    CA T-shifter cover

    T-shifter cover Back two mounting tabs are broken as shown. Gear indicator slides smoothly. Use it as is, try to fix the mounting tabs, or use it for whatever parts you need to scavenge off of it. $40 obo + shipping
  4. thegreatjustino

    WV 1967 Sport for auction on Saturday

  5. thegreatjustino

    CA OEM 2bbl carb with manual choke

    OEM 2bbl carb with manual choke Likely needs a rebuild $100 + shipping Stock 2bbl intake available for an additional $50
  6. thegreatjustino

    2021 Bronco on Google Earth

    I'm working on a project in Hayward CA. Looking up the site in Google Earth, there's a 2021 Bronco captured.
  7. thegreatjustino

    Issue Resolved Issue with site's security certificate

    For the past two days I've been getting the error messages below. Firefox won't let me in at all. Chrome will allow me in after I agree to proceed against their advice. This happens on both desktop and mobile browsers. Note in the second image, the red text stating "Not Secure"
  8. thegreatjustino

    CA All kinds of Bronco toys

    Numerous Hot Wheels, Matchbox, & Jada toys available. Some shown in the photo below. Many others available. Please PM with want lists.
  9. thegreatjustino

    CA Stock power steering setup

    OEM power steering setup for an Early Bronco: 6 turn box with mounting bolts and pitman arm OEM Thompson pump with pulley Pump bracket dipstick pump adjusting bracket pressure hose return hose OEM EB power steering cooler OEM 76/77 telescoping lower steering shaft - u-joint will need to be...
  10. thegreatjustino

    CA Dana 20 output shaft housing

    Dana 20 output shaft housing $150 obo
  11. thegreatjustino

    SOLD 1966 6-cyl carburetor & associated parts

    1966 6-cyl carburetor & associated parts. Carb is stamped with the FoMoCo logo, which as far as I know would make this a motorcraft/autolite. $250 + shipping
  12. thegreatjustino

    CA Dana 44 knuckles

    Pair of Early Bronco Dana 44 drum brake knuckles $150 plus shipping
  13. thegreatjustino

    CA Zoolander Bronco Toys

    Lot of 2 Zoolander Bronco toys. One Hot Wheels, one Green Light New in package $25 shipped Several other Bronco toys available. Feel free to message with what you're looking for.
  14. thegreatjustino

    CA Bronco Driver Magazine back issues

    Bronco Driver Magazine back issues Issues 11-71 available $10 each
  15. thegreatjustino

    CA Vintage Ford 16x5 steel rims

    Vintage Ford 16x5 rims 5x5.5 bolt pattern 3-1/2" back spacing 3-3/8" center bore One of the rims is approximately 1/8" wider than the others, so not an exact match for the other two. These are not original Bronco 16" rims that were factory options in the early years, but will fit an Early...
  16. thegreatjustino

    Bronco Raptor

  17. thegreatjustino

    Bronco Driver Got Arrested for Doing Donuts

  18. thegreatjustino

    Ford Broncos piling up again in a Michigan holding lot

  19. thegreatjustino

    A&W Root beer article

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/closing-sole-remaining-w-signals-130000007.html For those who don't want to read the whole article, just skip to the photo halfway down for the Bronco in the parking lot.
  20. thegreatjustino

    CA 1966 specific parts

    Lot of 1966 specific parts: Forward facing rear shock frame brackets - SOLD Short transfer case shifter - $300 Three on the tree shifter - $150 Carburetor & associated parts - SOLD Gauge cluster (top) rough shape, no glass or bezel. You're really buying the '66 face - $50 Gauge cluster...