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1973 Ford Bronco 302 Auto with 4 wheel drive

1973 Ford Bronco 302 Auto with 4 wheel drive
1973 4WD Ford Bronco with 302 engine Auto transmission
44,881 miles
Soft Top
Rear seat in good condition
New fuel pump and fuel line
Rebuilt carburetor
Complete break job with rebuilt power booster
Rebuilt transmission, rebuilt drive shaft, rebuilt transfer case
All new points, plugs, plug wires, rotor & distributor cap
All new belts and hoses
Runs great!
Body needs lots of TLC
To the best of my knowledge my brother was second owner, he had the Bronco for about 15 years with plans to restore it. However, he passed away last year and never had the chance. He drove the car to work up until about four years ago when he parked it in favor of driving a new truck. A good friend suggested I get the car in running condition before we sell it. Now I am trying to find the best method to sell and a price point. Any suggestions???


Exterior Mods
Added front disc brakes
Interior Mods
Aftermarket radio
Drivetrain Mods
Suspension Mods
Wheels and Tires
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Happy holidays,

I am going through restoring a 66 bronco right now, and with those options I would think somewhere in the realm of 12-15k as is. Body probably needs a substantial amount of work, and may get down to as low as 10ish.

If you can get it running and the motor is in good shape, it may be more that the larger above figure. I bought mine for 30k that mechanically was solid, but needed a lot of body work and I am putting in around 40 of upgrades.

When you are actually looking to get it on the market, let me know I may have some interest in it. I am currently replacing the whole rear of my bronco and may just sell it after we are done.
Sorry for the delay in my reply! I am not very good at navigating this website. I have invested about 6K in getting it mechanically sound and running good. My mechanic indicated the rebuilt carburetor was not functioning properly so he reordered another one. I hope to have it installed in the next few weeks. He said it should run great. I was hoping to net 15K so I was thinking around 21K sale price. That is if my mechanic is correct and it runs well! It clearly needs a lot of body work. My transmission shop manager said he would just buy a new can and restore it. He said fully restored it could bring 60-80K I tried to list it on bring a trailer but they indicated it did not meet their standard. Once I confirm it runs great, I was planning to Clean it up and stick a sign on it and also list it on Craigslist or other tool for 25K and see what it brings. That said, if it runs good and you are interested at 21K, I can forgo all the hassle. Let me know if you have any interest.

Kind regards,

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