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Doing nut and bolt retro-recreation and keeping it under $25K but am aiming at having a better than $150k wanna be boutique grocery getter.
Traded a set of NOS BC Bronco rear 1/4 protectors for a set of 5 matching old school slots. Son Dominic polished them a bit with a PowerBall. Drilled themm to take the new style center caps. Tires are 31" rollers for now. Once the new coils and springs are installed I will install 33"x10.5"x15" KM2's. Had to grind the calipers a bit as these were probably drum wheels vs disc wheels.
Burnt Orange
Doing nut and bolt retro-recreation and keeping it under $25K but am aiming at having a better than $150k wanna be boutique grocery getter.


Exterior Mods
Stock 302, tuned up for now, have 425hp bored/stroked 351w in the wings. swapped in a mid height polished Airgap knock-off, Road DEMON carb, Billet Specialties shorty cobta style cleaner, old school billet radiator screen filter, Optima Red Top w/billet tray and hold down. Power brakes, Chromed dual diaphragm booster, Chromed MC with billet cover, SS flexlines, AN- fittings thru out most of vehicle, dual 18" extruded coolers for PS and transmission, SS collapsible steering shaft and billet SS joints, SS throttle and kickdown cables, Champion 3 core aluminum radiator, SS radiator brackets shroud and electric fan, plate engine cooler, old school Fram oil filter, relocator, with dual Billet reusable oil filters, SS hard Brake lines/ Fuel lines. New f150 w/washer reservoir/ puke tank. Stock rebuilt C4 billet servo cover and deep sump aluminum trans oil cover, SS trans shift rod w/heim ends, SS flexline to extrude cooler, SS braided tranny dipstick, SS motor dip stick. Stock exh. manis for now, have shorty Chromed BBK headers, ARP 12 polished SS bolt kit. Polished Bronco valve covers, so much more to install.
Interior Mods
Presently it sits as found on unk PO installed 3.5" front springs, with adjst. tracbar, rebuilt the d44 and installed a 76-77 stock swaybar modified slightly and insatlled with poly bushings rear is an abomination of made 8-9 leafs from what donors? 3" block, turned sideways spring plates and way too long U bolts, they just undid the brake lines, to gain length, shishhh! What's been done and whats coming. Rear is getting dropped via WH 1"+ leafpack, all new red poly bushings all the way around and bump stops, topped by RuffStuff HD GM spring plates, and huge 3/4" u-Bolts( I know OverKill, why ? because I can!) The rear will eventually get a 4 link and coilovers, but the new springs for now will be assisted by air bags, and a sway bar to help when towing our pop up. The front might get the coilover pretty soon if a deal works out. It will have a simple but well trussed front hoop and an engine trans bar, I am thinking dual rate springs with reservoirs.
Drivetrain Mods
Will be repainted and body smoothed. Looks good at 20' though, PO shaved the trim, may re install, had to cut out front side markers as PO used early model fenders, Front will get new 8274m warn upright as soon as I build the new bumper, will get a new modified chromed stock bumper to lay over it as a cover. The same with the rear both will be moved up 3" to match the body. New tinted rear slider window got installed, I am going to tint darker with carbon film. Will get billet headlight rings/sidelight/rear light bezels. Installed old stock SS window vents.
Suspension Mods
This has the Ranger package so it has the Ginger vinyl over Houndstooth cloth. Rear bench is a 7.5 out of 10 the fronts are toast. Getting new interior done not sure whether I will do billet door panels like I had made up or do stock style again. Missing the rear interior panels. I have an 8 point family cage that will be installed, all seating will be attached to it. I rebuilt and repainted a 79 Bronco tilt steering column then topped it with a billet half wrap aluminum wheel, the billet horn will get milled with my ANTiCON logo. Top and inner tub will get rhinolined then wrapped in a Dynomat type layer to deaden noise. 7" sign dine touchscreen player/gps will be installed in dash. I 65 Mustang underdash AC unit will be used, and I have a pair of vintage but new Gott center console/coolers I will swap as they serve different purposes. I may go Tuffy II later, but it will be removable and the others will be able to use the same mounting. The Tuffy will get custom Humidor with inlaid ANTiCON logo. Chocolate carpet, and relocated F/S spare with custom Bronco cover. SS twin stick.
Wheels and Tires
Front and rear all Ford disc brakes, Larger T-Bird calipers, all SS flex and hardline, redone knuckle and new Napa premium ball joints and hubs. Rear refurbished rear 79 Lincoln MK V calipers and hardware, new internals, Extended SS drop lines and red silicon vent breather lines. Custom one off alloy differential covers. Going to install RuffSuffs 1 ton TRU draglink and adjustable tie rod. Billet dampener.
7176-857468.jpg 7176-857469.jpg 7176-857470.jpg 7176-857471.jpg 7176-857472.jpg 7176-857473.jpg 7176-857474.jpg 7176-857475.jpg 7176-857476.jpg 7176-857477.jpg 7176-857478.jpg 7176-857479.jpg 7176-857480.jpg 7176-857481.jpg 7176-857482.jpg 7176-857483.jpg 7176-857484.jpg 7176-857485.jpg 7176-857486.jpg 7176-857487.jpg 7176-857488.jpg 7176-857489.jpg


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