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The Bronchito

My 1975 Ford Bronco Ranger
I’ve had this 75 since 2005, with the exception of a brief 4 year period when it was in the possession of a friend of mine. I was able to buy it back from him after a 4 year leave of absence. I have had some good times in this truck over the years and I will be building a new body for it in the not too distant future.
Mallard Green
I am the 3rd and 5th owner of this truck. It had most of the original interior when I got it minus the seats. It had a set of Mazda RX7 seats in it for years. The interior panels were all trashed when I bought it and the carpet was destroyed. I took all the side panels and carpet out as my first mod. It had a mini spool in the rear axle when I got it and it’s been in there ever since. I have rebuilt most of the mechanical components on this truck over the years some of which I have done more than once (carb and brakes). I’m an automotive tech by trade so wrenching on it is no big deal for me. I off-road it pretty heavily. In todays world off-roading a classic bronco is a good way to get a bounty out on your head. I actually rolled it over in February of this year. It was an accident and no one was hurt. However, there were legitimate calls for my death on social media after it happened. I don’t even have social media outside of these forum accounts, my friends were sending me screen shots of people telling me what an idiot I was and how irresponsible and stupid it was for me to tear up my own property. It’s a crazy world we are living in these days I guess. Anyway, It has a 1in body lift, stock suspension. Body work by Mother Nature. I custom designed some PRP seats for it and had a good friend redo my back seat to match. It has a 302 with aluminum heads and a Holley TA carb, hedman headers. It’s an automatic truck, dana20 J pattern and 9in and Dana 44 with 4:10s. 33 BFG MT KM3s. It’s a trusty steed for sure. I look forward to many more years of enjoyment from my little green pony. Once I get it all fancied up with new sheetmetal I don’t plan to do extreme off-road stuff with it anymore. I want to take it to Colorado and do the mountain trails and maybe Moab. I have a list of cool stuff I want to do to it and places I’d like to go when it’s done. Maybe I’ll be able to cover some of that here.


Exterior Mods
Banged up sheetmetal and scratches and rust holes.
Interior Mods
PRP seats and a hodge podge roll cage of sorts. I had custom door panels to match the seats as well but they are on the doors that will no longer fit due to the rollover.
Drivetrain Mods
Rebuilt engine trans and t-case and front and rear axles. Front diff is open and somehow the original equipment axle shafts with the 260X joints are still intact and never leave me stranded.
Suspension Mods
Worn out stock suspension
Wheels and Tires
33x12.50-15 BFG KM3s American Racing 15x8 wheels.
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