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I am new to this forum but I am currently experiencing an overheating problem only at highway speeds and it gets worse when i am climbing even the smallest grade. I have a '91 5.0 a 3 core aluminum radiator from WH and an 18" Derale electric fan(puller), 180' thermostat, A/T has separate cooler (mounted away from the radiator)with its own Derale electric fan, Flowcooler wp. This is a relatively new porblem and nothing in my cystem has been changed other than I added a Summit Racing elec. fan thermostat because I would sometimes forget to turn it on. A friend said his Bronco would overheat then he discovered that his C-4 was slipping because a bolt on the side of the tranny that puts tension on the bands had backed out. He said the slipping was causing the tranny to heat up and also heat up his engine temp. Anybody have any ideas??? I am stumped. BTW all parts listed are brand new within 2 years.

74 Sport 5.0EFI, C-4 built, Atlas 5.0, 35" Claws, Chromoly axle shafts F&R, HydroBoost, ARB's, 4.10 gears, RockProof Tie rod/drag, etc. Built to drive from the office to the Rubicon.
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