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James Duff Torque Tamer Axle Wrap Bar

With low-geared axles and high torque engines, soft long-travel leaf springs can distort under power—this can cause damage to springs and break u-joints. Ordinary long tube, fixed mount traction bars limit travel as the rear axle cycles up and down because the axle also needs to move back and forth. Our new traction bar has a “V” frame designed center link for strength and utilizes a specially designed shackle to eliminate axle wrap. The bar runs between the mufflers, paralleling the driveline; protecting it. It also maintains proper u-joint and CV angles under power. The main bar attaches to a high clearance cross-member and shackle. The cross-member mounts up between the frame rails and helps protect your CV joint and output shaft from trail obstacles. Compatible with our Dual Exhaust system; other exhaust systems may require modification. Welding brackets to the differential housing is required. If you have a '77 Bronco or a later model 9" axle housing make sure you select the torque tamer for a '77 Bronco.

Completely eliminate U-Joint failure
Stop axle wrap in its tracks
Doesn't compromise suspension travel
No DIY or Engineering required comes fully powder coated and ready to install
This design works great on or off-road, does not bind up like others on the market
Only welding required is to the axle, leaving the guesswork to us

Last year we beefed up the design for Broncos with hotter motors and heavy right feet. We are confident that our Torque Tamer can handle the rowdiest of Bronco builds.

These are on free shipping through cyber monday! 11/26/19

'66-'77 Bronco -

As much as we believe in our own products and think they are great, customers pictures and testimonies are far more compelling. We encourage y'all that are using this product to share your install tech and/or pictures here.


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