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I've worked on a few that were so rusted the spot welds were either hard to find or couldn't be found. I've found it easiest to take a 4" grinder and grind through the floorpan- but not through the cross member. Usually the only drilling of the spot welds that I do is for the inner rocker panels (right near where the door weatherstrip goes) and along the kick panels. I hate drilling spot welds. I find grinding to be more fun- but I always wear ear and eye protection and a particle mask.. An added bonus to using the grinder is that when you install the floors, you don't need to worry about trying to re-fill the holes you drilled in the crossmember- if you are really picky like I am. It is a lot harder to weld upside down, laying under the truck. I think I still have a scar or two on my neck from doing it that way.. I cut the floors out with a whiz wheel- but it uses a lot of air to do that.
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