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How to upload photos - Become a Contributor

There are two ways to upload photos to the forums;
  1. Free - Use an outside photo hosting site. Click here for instructions.
  2. $12 per year - Become a Contributor and help support the site. See instructions below.

Become a Site Contributor!

Click here to sign up.
Contributor status includes:
  • Photo Uploads in the Forums
  • Contributor title under your username
  • Twice the disc space in the Photo Gallery
  • Twice the PM space in your inbox
  • And of course you help support this site!
For a small fee ($12 for one year) you can now become a site Contributor and have the ability to upload photos directly into your posts in the forums. Payment can be made via Paypal subscription service or check.

Photo Upload Guidelines

You'll be able to upload and attach photos directly to any new post (or reply) you make on the forums, including the classifieds. Photos are a great way to help explain a question or answer, show off your rig, sell your parts or Bronco, etc.
  • There will be a 150 KB size limit to each photos you can upload. Update: The forum software will attempt to resize your images as you upload them, so size shouldn't be a big deal anymore. If you're having problems with the upload being slow it's possible your images are extremely large. Try uploading 1 or 2 at a time if you run into speed issues.
  • Photos can be JPG, GIF or BMP types. (JPG is usually best to keep the size down)
  • Photos should follow the same rules as the rest of the forum. Try to keep it Bronco related. If it's not Bronco related at least be sure to post it in the Off Topic forum. Nudity (or even semi-nudity) is absolutely not allowed.
Please remember this is an added feature and completely optional. Nothing is being taken away or changed for standard members. If you currently show photos from your own website or one of the free web hosts you can continue to do so and you probably don't need this service. It just simplifies the process by allowing you to upload directly from your computer to the forums.

Instructions on uploading photos in your posts

1. Start a new topic or reply to one as you normally would. If replying to an existing topic you'll need to click the "go advanced" button below the message window. The "quick reply" message window doesn't show the "upload photos" button.

2. Fill in the message body then look below for a button that says, "Photo Uploads" (see image above) When you click it a new window will pop up. Click the "Browse" button(s) and then find the photo on your computer.

3. Once you've found the photo double click to select it. Repeat if you have more than 1 photo to upload.

4. Then click "Post". The "Preview" feature will not show your photo, but once you post it will show up.

5. If you want to upload multiple photos just reply to your message again and upload another.

Modifying or deleting a photo

1. Go to the post you want to modify and click "Edit or Delete" in the lower right of that post.

2. Below the message body window there is a option that says "Delete current attachment" Check it and click "Save Changes" If you are changing photos then use the "Upload new attachment:" option.

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