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Write a tech article, get a FREE t-shirt! (or stickers, or photo upload upgrade)

OK, so I'm sick of seeing my same old tech articles that were written 6+ years ago. It's obvious you folks have some great ideas and have done some cool modifications, so let's get some of them in the tech section!

I thought maybe some encouragement (bribing) would help motivate some of you. So if your article makes it on the site I'll send you your choice of ONE of the following:
  • Sticker package "A" (1 large and 2 small text stickers) ...or...
  • Sticker package "B" (2 blue logo stickers) ...or...
  • one year upgrade to Contributor status (adding a year if you already are a Contributor).

The Rules
  • The article needs to be new and not already on the web. If you already have an article on another web site just add it to the "over 600 links" section. There's no sense in duplicating what's already out there. Basically the article should be exclusive to
  • The article should be as unique and original as possible. For example I think there are probably enough articles on Chevy disc brake conversions. If the idea isn't totally original there should at least be significant content that is. (ie a different or better way of doing it, more detailed description, etc.)
  • Articles should include several photos/diagrams and step-by-step explanations/directions. Parts lists with pricing, part numbers and sources would be nice too.
  • Submit articles to me via email and I'll convert them into web pages. The best format is a simple TXT or Word file for the text and the photos as separate attachments to the email. Pulling photos out of a Word document just doesn't work well.

Tech articles that are selected will become part of the tech section, but the author will of course keep all rights and be given full credit. As another cool little bonus...I'll add the title of "Tech Writer" under your name in the forums. Ooohhh...aaahhhh!

Let me know if anyone has any questions.

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