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Please bear with me this is my first post. I have a 72 Bronco and just bought the EZ Wiring harness. After dealing with the overwhelming look of it, I started to separate it out, decide where to install the fuse box and started to run the rear wires and front wires where I want them. I decided to hook up the rear harness first as I figure it is a relatively easy way to get my feet wet.
It makes no sense to wire to the old pigtails so I am going to get the pigtails and new grommets for the rear side & tailgate lights which is pretty straight forward and not too expensive.
However, the next thought that occurred to me is that I should also get the pigtails and new connections for the gauges front lights etc etc.
Does anybody who has gone through this process happen to have a list of all the pigtails connections, other terminal connectors I should consider buying as well as suggested upgrades so I can make a list of what I need and come up with a budget? I would rather get it all now rather than buy as I need to save time and be more organized?

Any help for this rather overwhelming project would be greatly appreciated

Thank you!
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