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Originally Posted by ahansen_1985 View Post
The Mazda unit is called the m5od-r2
Found in late 80? To 90's f150s

It has a lil taller 1st gear ratio than the zf.. But shifts super smooth and fast... Will hold up to a 350 hp 351 no prob... I run mine hard...
The difference as a bronco brother put it,
The zf is a truck feel trans, the m5od is a go cart on steroids

Clutch is internal hydraulic but very easy to install...

1966 bronco, almost nothing factory
Anybody out there knowledgable enough on the M5R2 to modify original tech? Things like overall length as compared to 3 spd? Ratio's? Zf d20 adapter and crosmember compatibilty?
Best years for shifter locations? Does 4.2 v6 bellhousing match 402? Compatible master cylinder and clutch pedal mod? NP 205 compatibility and benefits.

These transmissions seem easier to find than 3550 and similar torque ratings from what I have read.
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