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Originally Posted by PDQ View Post
Are you referring to one of their Universal floatless sending units? You mentioned their low profile version and I didn't see anything with that description so just making sure I'm following correctly.

Do you happen to know the diameter of the hole for the tube that drops into the tank?

And have you installed yours yet?

Thank you for the information
Yes, I am. The diameter of the hole is 1 3/8". I pulled my tank over the weekend in hopes of installing the unit and then discovered, much to my dismay, that I had goofed on the sending unit measurement and my 14" sender was about 1/4-3/8" too long. So if you're going to get one for a BC tank, get a 13" one! They're about 4 wks out right now on the 13" units and I need to get my truck back together so I'm going to punt for now.

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