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Originally Posted by hyghlndr View Post
Why stroke the ego of one flipper and shit on another?
Hyghlndr, I wish you would just stop commenting on my postings. It seems you're going out of your way to call me "flipper" in every comment on every thread and I think you're trying to do it in a disparaging way. Please explain if I'm wrong.

A lifetime of turning wrenches as a full time mechanic has left me with one arm that feels like a bag of broken glass when I use it. I'm unable to work full time as a mechanic, I'm doing the best I can to provide for my family. I buy/sell Bronco's yes. I do honest work and I don't lie and cheat, I wish you guys would let me do business without the negative comments. Is there something specific you want to call me out on? Do you comment on every instance of someone practicing capitalism? Please advise.

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