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I recently purchased a 1966 Bronco August build date. 734488 U15
A little history its been in Michigan its whole life. A few years ago I was driving past a house and saw it tucked next to a barn. I stopped in and talked to the old man for a bit he was 89 years old at that time. I ended up talking to him for a while and at the time he didn't want to sell but got to look over the Bronco he started it up for me and we talked for a couple hours. I would occasionally stop in in to say hello he was always working on something. In November I thought I would ask again this time it was for sale. Unfortunately he started tearing it apart to fix some rust the old school way with sheet metal and rivets but I got it pretty cheap so it didn't matter. As I have been learning about this truck through the site it seems pretty complete. I had no idea at the time it was such an early build and a Budd body. I found the Budd tag on a wire under the hood behind the motor and the other tag on the passenger kick panel that luckily he kept because the whole panel was rusted off. It has the 66 top with the handle, the silver front seats, the hood with all the rods, the offset radiator, the right air cleaner, the eyebrow grille the right tailgate, the rain gutter under the dash, forward shocks, round mirror, square rear bumper etc. Looks to have about 54000 miles but hard to tell. The issues I see are someone converted it years ago to electric wipers and drilled new holes, the hubcaps are later ones unless they came in 66 not sure?, the rear seat is white out of another year, and the front bumper is not square. Its light blue and had dark blue carpet with the silver. The main issue is it was pretty rusty. He said it was originally a plow truck in Michigan at a local ford dealership. I have the 1986 title for it from the previous owner because the old man never changed it over to himself. I don't believe its been on the road since he has owned it so it has been kind of a cool time capsule. As of now I have new quarters on it, inner/outer rockers, complete floor front/back, passenger front fender, core support and inner front sheet metal and door supports. Like I said rusty. The one thing that I thought was cool is he had the front and rear door supports that he bought back in 1986 (NOS) still had tags on them. The problem is after I mocked one up I realized that 66 is different for the rear so had to buy aftermarket for that so will need to sell those at some point. They are such better quality that the new stuff it crazy.
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