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Very nice job on the top. I was kind of curious how you would up the ante with Rick's new top coming on line. The half-cab/full top combo is genius. How do these two surfaces seal, though. I had a softy made about 13 yrs ago that was similar, it sealed fine with a 1.5" wide strip of hook/loop. Just wondering if this is similar or how that is addressed.

Also, can the skin from the rear section be removed or do you have to remove the whole rear section? Similarly, if I wanted to go totally topless for the day, about how long will it take to remove or reinstall the front skin? Or is this a just easier to remove the whole thing? Curious, its often easier to store/stash the skins in the truck than the whole frame, if your already out.

Again, great job! Let us know when pricing is set.

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