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Grin lockers

the article was helpful getting to know the basics-i have a 93 bronco xlt-351windsor-197k mi- -no lift/33's-recently had my e4od rebuilt w/retrofit kit and shift kit-added a trans command-this vehicle is an everyday driver/toy hauler 19ft/boat 19ft/and medium offroad use(only veh. i have) my rear end -stock 3 L 55 (does this mean a locking diff. with a gear ratio of 3:55?) has to be replaced or rebuilt chewed up an axle, but found out that my spider gears were the culprit that provided the peices of shrapnel. i realize i need to replace the spider gears, i just don't know what would be the bestway to go to get the strength needed for payload and play, your suggestions will be appreciated
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