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Re:Write a tech article, get a FREE t-shirt!

Posted by: AdminPosted on: Today at 03:52:34pm<br><br>Quote from: INPHOBIC on 08/13/02 12:46 PM <br>Jon I'll be sending my 3 part series of tighening lug nuts or do ya just wanna go ahead and send me the shirt? <br><br><br>That would be even funnier if I didn't have to admit that I could have used that article in my younger years. I once rushed off to check out my new 4.11 gears on my '67 Cougar and forgot to tighten all the lug nuts. Doh!!!
<br><br><br>I did this when i put my new lift on a few years back. I was rushing to taco bell before they closed 1 am turned into the parking lot and my driver side wheel just kept going strait down the highway. So maybe that article would be useful.

70' 351 efi w/fw d44/9 airlockers f/r,4r70w, oba, other stuff I have given up on spelling and punctuation I just don't care anymore.
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