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I just rebuilt my 302 in my 70 bronco with new intake and 4 barrel carb headers ect.... mine was running hot at 190 to 220 depending on the driving i was doing... very uncomfortable feeling. I do agree with you guy's that the timing and Idle mixture can cause overheating with a whole realm of other things. I spoke with Chuck at BC Bronco's and told him my problem..Chuck said that Ford ran the Harmonic balancer and the water pump pully the same size (6")....basically 1 to 1 ratio. So i ordered a new water pump pully 5 3/8 On normal driving I cant break 170 degrees on a hot day now when it's a stop and go situation (traffic) it climbs to 190 but cools right down once i start moving. I can't believe how simple of a problem i had....I'm thinking Bigger radiator, electric fan....simple fix.
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