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Oil temp

Originally Posted by tomcleveland View Post
I have found that the oil runs extremely hot at highway speeds and low trail speeds. I ran a 302 and the oil temp was tha cause of the overheating. The oil temp would climb to over 250 degrees cruising or trailing riding. I have had the oil temp to 280 degrees. I now have a 1973 Ford 400 in the bronco and the oil temp does the same thing. I believe that the oil temp is the cause of the overheating problems with the Broncos. I will be getting a cooler.
I believe you have concern over nothing...coolant runs 180 to 210 in most engines oil temp normally runs 230 to 300...all the diesels I work on have oil coolers & do you know what they All use to cool the oil ?...coolant running at 200 degrees...they spend thousands of dollars to integrate these in all your 250 degrees is actually low.
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