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Great story! And a great project to put together. Thanks for taking all the pics and making the time to share them.
I'm glad you can still do it for your pops. Lots of us have started doing the same thing, only to have the project take too long and dad not being able to enjoy it.
Looks like you're making good time so far. What kind of timeframe were these pictures taken during?

When you said "original Chrome Yellow" did you mean just that it was an original Ford color, of that your Bronco was Chrome Yellow? Sure does not look like it to me. From the underside dash pics and elsewhere, it looks to be more of a Reef Aqua or Caribbean Turquoise, or even Peacock Blue rig. Lot of Peacock's in '68 I think. Mine is too.
What's the color code on it the Warranty Plate? Or is that stuff still in existence?

Have fun. Keep the good progress and keep updating us as you can!


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