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1973 Project Back from Paint - Question at End on Vinyl ACC Mat


New Member
Oct 7, 2015
Ok, so I have been working on a 73 full cab for about 7 months now. After blowing it apart and doing all the metal work on the front tub structure (bought a MIG an learned on this one), new sheet metal on front clip, floor pans, and various rust repair, I send the body off to paint. It has been there 5 months and just got back. Since I have rebuilt the driveline, sandblasted and coated the frame, etc. Here is where I started:


Some during shots:



The frame when I took it back up to body shop to put the body back on looked like this:


And here is the finished product. It was originally Durango tan, which I did not want to go back to, so I chose a dark british racing green with wimbledon white top. The pictures don't so it justice...I love it. Will look great with the parchment white interior. I did want it slightly lighter so I had them use a white sealer instead of black, which lightened up the dark green slightly. These pics show a blue tint that really isn't there.



Now my question...I ordered a set of vinyl floormats from ACC and it comes with a panel for the tailgate. How does it stay on? It has flaps on the ends and is stitched, but I have no idea how this thing stay on the tailgate?

My first bronco...is their tailgate trim I have to use (I have seen that before holding carpeting). Here is the matt sitting on my tailgate, I folded it over so you can see the flaps sewn in the back...but how do they work?



New Member
Apr 22, 2014
Newnan, Georgia
I have the same vinyl interior. I think the tailgate cover is supposed to just be screwed into the tailgate, but I left it off because I didn't like the look after a dry fitting. The lizard skin coating looked better to me than the vinyl


Bronco Guru
Sep 12, 2013
The ACC carpet kits have those same flaps. Not sure what they are for except to give the sides some strength. The hold-down strips that are used with the carpet kit have a two part upper piece to fit around the lift-gate safety catch which I don't see on your tailgate. You may just want to find some aluminum trim and engineer some. I don't think Broncos with vinyl mats had mats on the tailgates. Mine didn't, it was just painted.