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95 Bronco No Speedo


New Member
Jun 6, 2020
I have a stock 95 Bronco. I had the tranny rebuilt several years ago and shortly after, the speedo stopped working and the tranny started slamming into gears. I was told to check all the electrical connections. I unplugged and cleaned the rear speed sensor and the plugs to the tranny. It worked. 3 years later, I did it again. I've cleaned all connections. I replaced the ABS Module behind driver's headlight and I still had the Engine Light on and no speedometer. I am attempting to remove the front wheel sensors to replace them, but they are stuck. They looked simple to replace. I removed the single 8mm bolt and tried to pull them out. They are stuck. I soaked them with carb cleaned, tried to wiggle them and tried to get under the edge to maybe pry them a little. I got one to come out just a little with some wedging, but no further. Is there a special tool for these things? The manual says to remove the bolt and just pull them out... Buy the way, this is my First Post. Thanx for any help.


Bronco Guru
Aug 7, 2012
When mine did that it was that sensor thingy on the differential.