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Anybody installed Method 312 wheels


Jun 15, 2020
Has anybody used these 17" x 8.5" (4.75" BS) Method wheels before:

Method 312 wheels

Based on my reading on the forum, consensus is 3.5" to 4.5" of backspacing is fine with 17" x 8" and 17" x 9" wheels, so wondering what folks think about 4.75" of BS with 17" x 8.5" wheels?

And based on reading, I should be fine with mainstream tires stores being willing to install 12.5" tires on the 8.5" wheels?

Thanks for advice in advance (anybody have pics of 312s installed?)

(1972 rig has 5.5" of suspension lift, no body lift, and linked suspension front and rear)


Total hack
Jun 4, 2002
If you go to your specific tire (not just calling a 12.50 in general) and look at the reccomended rim width. What does it say?
If it isn't in that size, I'm with the tire shop in saying no.

Most tire sites that reference good specs will list that spec.