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BC Broncos going to the MInt 400


Sr. Member
Aug 10, 2008
Cypress, TX
I figured they'd have posted the news by now... but since they haven't, I will.

#348 placed 4th... they had several flat tires during the race and a fuel deficiency in the 3rd lap that held them to 4th.

Sorry for slacking on the update.

In other news - BigJHoov and Chuck had vehicle trouble of another sorts while leaving Vegas Sunday morning to head back to Texas. Ugh.


Bronco Guru
Aug 14, 2001
Ingram, Texas
Sorry for the delay, I am still trying to catch up. Well 6 started and 2 finished I think. Tuff coarse. By the time we started about 1/2 the coarse was silt beds and the fast trucks were nearing the end of their first lap. Lap 1 Wayne had a flat. I drove lap 2 and was nurfed so hard at mile 18 that I was pushed sideways. Cut a tire and bent the tire rack. I was in the air about 1/2 the time and had a great time. Pulled the 311 racer out of a silt bed and later passed 304 stuck in a silt bed. Jason drove lap 3, he had 3 flats and run out of gas about 4 miles for pit. He was out of spares so hammered on the best flat to get it to seal, jumped the freeway fence and thumbed a ride to the pit, got gas and a ride back the the racer and finished his lap. From Baja experience where we were getting 8 to 10 MPG we figured on getting at least 6 MPG, turned out we got 5.8 MPG :( . We were never stuck and for the first time we had no mechanical breakdowns. The radio did not work for the whole race. I think the tire pressure was too low causing the tire cuts. We needed new tires anyway and something with more traction so I'm looking for rims and tires. While I would like to have finished I am happy with the way the racer and all the crew proformed. We learned and will do better next time. A side note, we did the best of any EB at the race:)