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Bronco Guru
Jul 15, 2006
I will be starting my new build soon. I have a perfect 1969 Bronco chassis with ZERO issues. I want to install any/all modern parts/ideas to get this looking right, as well as the best ride on/offroad.

My idea is to build my own version of a "concept Bronco". I want to keep it low maybe 3.5 suspension lift max, and a 1" body lift if necessary.

1 - keep it as low as I can in order to drive it on the street. It may go offroad, but primarily street driven.

2 - I am not afraid to cut into the floor to get the trans to fit, as opposed to lifting the entire body up to accomplish the same clearance.

3 - A 4 link front and rear (Duff?) seems to be the best option (in my opinion). I would also like to use full width axles to get a wider more stable ride.

4 - Pushing the rear axle back may also make for a better ride. Options? Opinions?

5 - Coyote and an auto trans. What are the best trans/gear options?

I welcome any input that anyone might have in order to make this the best it can be. I am a fabricator by trade, so I am not afraid to build anything. I would prefer to build it myself, if I have the machines to get it done. Thank you in advance for any and all suggestions!