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Report a bug Codes showing up for punctuation


Full Member
Apr 19, 2010
South Central NE
FWIW, just noticed these punctuation "codes" showing up in some threads. A post by Yeller in this thread shows a number of them. They aren't showing up everywhere, just in certain posts. Firefox on a Linux desktop and Safari and Firefox on iPad.


I'm a 60 fan as well, the last 44 I built 20 years ago had every hizoot, cryoed “indestructible” part made at the time, including some prototype 4340 axles from a popular supplier. Went for my typical Sunday trail ride and 10 minutes in broke all 4 axles, ring and pinion and locker. Only thing not broken we're a set of CTM joints from the very 1st run of them. 3rd time in 6 weeks that I completely destroyed the front end. Came home and assembled a stock 60 I picked up from a military truck, put 35 spline outer shafts on it and ran it. Couple of years after that shaved that axle and cut/turned the c's for proper caster and pinion angle. Reassembled with the same parts except a new set of spicer ujoints. 10 years later changed to 4340 inner shafts, literally wore the originals out, could see daylight around the ujoint caps. Change the inner shafts and ujoints for a second time. Still running, and they have been abused and haven't touched it in 10 years. The cover has only been off twice, once for the shave and once to check it over when I did the inner axles. I was into my 44 after every trip even if nothing was obviously broken.

Doing more than streets and gentle fire roads with 37's don't spend a penny on a 44. Just because your buddy keeps his together don't assume you will. It costs zero dollars more to build a 60 than a 44 and one of them will be fantastic for the life of the vehicle.

PS: I'm still running the pre public release 4340 Yukon outer shafts that I put in in 2001. In those days they all new me by name when I called looking for better front axle parts. I could have paid cash for a new dually pick up with all the money I threw at a 44 over and over, it was insanity at it's finest, I was ready for a new hobby but loved it and still do.