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Daughter and Dad '74 restoration


Bronco Guru
Aug 24, 2006
I use an empty contact lens solution bottle filled with gas to prime carbs and squirt into the throat of the carb. Decent way to push fuel down the vent tube into the bowl and meter to start.

Yup. Always a good idea to keep it clean, but that is way to fancy. I generally just cut a water bottle in half and pour some gas in there so it's easy to handle. ;D


Bronco Guru
Feb 24, 2002
use a bottle with a spout like a ketchup / mustard bottle from the Berger joint, clean it out and fill it with gas. then stab it into the carb vent till it squirts out the vent. let it sit over night. then in the morning top off the fuel vent again and do your start again. I do not recommend using starting fluid unless it is used to check if the engine is sparking that is just a little blast to see if it pops. then its all gas from there. allot of damage has been done misusing starting sprays. especially your since it has been sitting for years.