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FAQ - Forum Rules

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Jan 1, 2001
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Welcome to the ClassicBroncos Forums!

Please take a minute to read through the rules. There aren't very many, but they go a long way towards keeping this a great community of Bronco enthusiast.

  • No Personal Attacks - Obviously you're not going to agree with everyone on the site, but do not resort to calling names or personal attacks. Debate is encouraged, but do so in a mature and constructive manner. If someone verbally attacks you do not respond. Contact admin for further action.
  • Please post in the right forum - Take a minute to read the forum descriptions and post in the correct one. Many questions are posted in Bronco Chat when they should be in Bronco Tech and vice versa. Please do your part to keep things organized and you'll get a better response to your question.
  • Commercial posts - Do not advertise your products or services in the main forums (ie. Bronco Chat or Bronco Tech). You're welcome to answer questions about your products if another members asks about them specifically, but do not promote your products unless asked. Commercial posts should go in the Classifieds or Vendor Forum and you need to become a Vendor. Commercial links in your signature are limited to site Vendors.
  • Selling Products - If you create items to sell here in the forums you need to become a Vendor. This applies to things like T-shirts, hats, mugs, parts you fabricate in quantity, etc. The classifieds are free to members selling individual used items. It's when you produce an item for sale that you cross over into the commercial category.
  • Nudity and foul language - This is a family friendly site. Many members enjoy sharing their hobby with their children and that includes this forum. Please keep that in mind when posting. Absolutely no nudity or links to sites containing nudity.
  • No Vendor Bashing - This doesn't mean you can't complain about vendors, but let's keep it constructive. Don't just rant to get it off your chest. That isn't constructive. Before posting any complaint you must contact the vendor and give them the opportunity to correct the situation. If the person you talk to doesn't satisfy you then talk to the owner. None of the Bronco vendors are so big that you can't talk to their owners. All companies make mistakes. It's how they handle the mistakes that sets them apart. If you post before contacting the owner of the company your post will be removed.
  • Problems with buying/selling with other members - This site takes no responsibility for private transactions between members, so please do so at your own risk. There are a lot of great people on this site and most sales between members go smoothly. However, problems do happen. If there's a problem with a sale please do everything you can to work it out with the other party privately first. If you can't work it out after a sufficient amount of time then you can post your experience on the forums. However, DO NOT post personal information about the person. You may post their name, forum username, ebay username, etc., but DO NOT post their mailing address or phone number.
  • No Political Discussions - Political discussions are no longer allowed anywhere on ClassicBroncos.com. Political posts include discussions about politicians, campaigns, elections, government policies (welfare, war, foreign policy, immigration, health care reform, affirmative action, death penalty) abortion, constitutional rights, gun rights or gun control (discussing guns themselves is fine in Off Topic, just don't get into discussing gun control or legislation)

Thanks in advance to everyone for their cooperation!
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