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Garages in Tallahassee, FL that Restore Classic Broncos


Sr. Member
Jul 22, 2015
Hey, welcome to the Forum. I live in Marianna about an hour out of Tally. I don't think of any shops around that all they do is restore Bronco's. Good luck finding a body shop that will take the time and money to go from top to bottom on a restore. If you do it will cost some money. There is Velocity Restorations in Pensacola that have beautiful Broncos..about 100k kinda Bronco's but if you have a donor it might be cheaper.


New Member
Aug 8, 2022
@kinneysm I agree with @kat, Velocity builds some amazing Broncos! I have been looking at buying one myself. I went and took a shop tour, their facility is amazing! The 240K price tag seems like a lot but when you see what all goes into them and the final product, the price makes sense. I am waiting on some business deals to close and then I am ordering mine.