• Be EXTREMELY cautious if someone offers to buy your Bronco for more than your asking price and sight unseen. ESPECIALLY if the buyer is overseas. It's probably a scam.

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TX Has anyone seen my first Bronco? - 1974 White, sold it in TX in 1996


Nov 11, 2021
City: Dallas
I bought this Bronco back in 1996 as my first car when I turned 16. If memory serves, I got it for a steep $1200! It had the stock 302, automatic transmission and AC. I installed black seats out of an S-10 Blazer and rigged up a pretty nice carpet/vinyl interior. I couldn't afford the 8 mpg it got and after a year I reluctantly put it in the Auto Trader classifieds (I'm that old?). A guy out of the Dallas area bought it for about $5k and I remember telling him he'd need the gas in both tanks to get back home lol. I have no idea what the VIN is and don't have a way to track it. My dad dealt in used cars so it wasn't registered or insured in the traditional sense.

If anyone knows where it's at I'd love to see it and maybe get in line to buy it. It's 25 years later but hopefully someone has at least seen it. You don't see very many White Bronco's with an Argent Silver grill and the rear fenders cut like they were, but each time I do I take a close look at it. I've got another '74 now but it's just not the same...


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Mar 8, 2007
I have one that got away too, NEVER should've let the damn thing go