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Help! Licence plate light

74 New Hamp

New Member
Jul 19, 2004
I am having trouble re-running the license plate light wiring on my 74 . The PO cut the wires. I have all the parts I just don’t see an “exit” whole at the bottom of the gate itself. It looks like the wires go from the light and drop back into the tailgate below the hinged plate holder through the grommeted hole. From there I am lost. I do see some bondo, so the PO may have covered the exit hole. I can drill a new one, I just don’t know exactly where that should be so it doesn’t interfere, or chafe when opening and closing. I can’t get me inspection sticker w/o it.


Just a Bronco guy !
Sep 10, 2002
Niskayuna N.Y.
The exit hole is right straight down from the plate on the very bottom of the tailgate. Use a grommet and leave the wire a little long.


Full Member
Jun 14, 2001
There is a grommet surrounding that drilled hole to keep the wires from chaffing.
I live in Southern NH and own a bone stock 76 if you need other info or visual reference.