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In need of some tailgate hadle HELP


New Member
Sep 12, 2012
I recently got a new tailgate for my 74' bronco and I bought a new tailgate backing plate and handle for it. The screws that hold on the backing plate are new, however I didn't realize I need the parts the theses screws screw into. There are 4 of them that have a hex shape. I have called everywhere looking for these and haven't had any luck. Anyone have any ideas or does anyone have any they'd sell me. Thanks guys.


Bronco Guru
Sep 13, 2009
They should come with the new tailgate. Dennis Carpenter usually tapes the bag with these in it to the tailgate, and DC includes a 1/4' hex head cap screw and nuts to set the nutserts. ( I'm not sure why they don't go ahead and install them)...In their defense; with the NOS tailgates the threaded inserts are not installed either!?! Not sure why.... Maybe someone knows....

I think that you can call Dennis Carpenter (DC) and they can tell you where to get them.