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looking for a master parts list with prices...


Jul 5, 2017
Hello! I'm about to embark upon a restoration (coyote with 5 speed manual) on a basically rust free 69 Bronco. I'm looking for general budgeting for parts only.. I will handle the labor part. I get there will be a significant range but please share your thoughts. A few items that I'm considering:

Coyote engine with 5 speed manual
Lift kit 2-3"
Full roll cage
Soft top
New aftermarket brakes
New plumbing, electrical
Rebuilt axles, likely upgraded

Basically all new trim, custom interior (i'll get a quote on that). I think my basic concern like most builds are all the little nickel and dime pieces like trim, bezels, weatherstrip, etc. I have build dozens of 67/68 mustang fastbacks (including a supercharged coyote build) and this will be my first Bronco. Are the parts more expensive for a Bronco over a mustang? Thanks for any ideas you can share!


Bronco Rookie
Oct 11, 2010
Bazetta Township
NOT TRYING TO BE A SMART A**, but prices could be all over the place. Partly, depends on where you are located and where they would ship from. Also,


New or used - 5 speed - which one (NV 4500, NV 3550, AX 15???).

Brand soft top - Rampage, Bestop, BC??

Roll cage - custom or mass produced, which company??

Brakes - power or hydroboost, front discs or 4 wheel discs or all drum??

I think if you narrowed down your choices and checked the vendors at the top of the page, you could answer a lot of your questions yourself.



Total hack
Jun 4, 2002
Pretty much what Pops said.

Prices are all over the place. What options on the upgrade you pick makes a difference as well. Do you have to have new parts or will used upgrades be good enough? New typically more than doubles the price of used. Disk brakes can be done cheap (chevy disk swap for the front only) or will cost thousands if you really want aftermarket (Wilwood). Cost of plumbing isn't even easy to guess, a bulk roll of 3/8 and 3/16 and a handful of compression nuts will be cheap and cover the basic plumbing. Or you can start ordering prebent custom tubing.

What level are you looking for? Most if it as simple as looking at the vender catalogs.


Bronco Guru
May 11, 2013
Pretty much what Pops said.

Most if it as simple as looking at the vender catalogs.

^^ this. I set up a spread sheet and went through the Graveyard catalog when i made my first big buy of parts, panels, wheels etc. I did the same for black friday each year and listed other vendors for comparison. I big mug of coffee and a few hours on a saturday morning will get you well along your way.



Bronco Guru
Feb 24, 2002
Buy all you can in big chunks to avoid incremental shipping charges. Unless you have a local Bronco vendor nearby.

My differences between my 74 Bronco and the 67 mustang I did.
The Bronco has almost no plastic parts to fail or have bad chrome.
Parts I ordered for my Mustang were always in stock and shipped fairly quick. Bronco parts are not always that way especially after winter parts get sold quickly and can take months to come back in stock.
When ordering Bronco parts call it in and verify availability first. Don't rebuild sensitive parts like engines and automatic transmissions or stuff with seals like power steering pumps and water pumps just to let them sit for a couple years. Things like brakes too. Do this stuff at the end of the build so its fresh. Body work is a bitch in these things. There is no such thing as rust free. They were designed to rust. The factory build in the Bronco and the Mustang are very different. Variances in the Mustang were less than 1/8 inch in most cases and in the Bronco you could see up to a quarter inch. Offshore manufactured sheet metal in the Mustang is much closer tolerance than in the Bronco world very little is bolt on and go. It gets better as years go by but the Bronco will never quite catch up. the market just isn't big enough.

Bronco Maniac

Sr. Member
Nov 14, 2010
I also built a spreadsheet. I had the part listed and priced from Tom's, Wild Horses and LMC.


Bronco Guru
Oct 7, 2012
I also built a spreadsheet. Once it hit $30k I decided it was better to stop counting.