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Master List of Build Threads


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Aug 7, 2016
I posted this on one of the other forums and then I saw this one where I should have posted! 72 that was originally 6 cyl. with 3 speed on column that I used for a hunting truck for about 8 years, then it sat for about ten years until we finished restoring the wifes 70 chevy pick up. Then it was time for the bronco. Still getting transmission issues straighten out then for a new set of seats and hopefully some power steps.
So far about 1 1/2 year rebuild! Can't wait to finish it and drive it. Like a lot of rebuilds it got some stupid money in it that I'm not sure I can ever recoop except by driving it out of it!!LOL The following is the url tha shows start to current!


what size lift did you go with? I like the height.


Dec 16, 2017
Starting on a rebuild of a 73 Bronco today! Engine and transmission are good, so primarily a body job to start with. I’m about to remove the hard top. Any advice on removal? I don’t believe it’s ever been removed.
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