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Need some to contact and act as middleman for stereo purchase and shipping.


Bronco Guru
Aug 25, 2001
Clovis, CA
This is way off topic and admin. If you deem improper I will delete. But any brothers out in the Charlottesville Va. Area. I need something picked up and shipped(no contraband sorry) just an older stereo that the seller wont ship because he seems to think it's a scam.) Ho figure I would send him money. But I'm the scammer. I wouldnt even bother, except I had one of these when I first got married. We donated it 15 years back cause she said no one used it. You know the scenario. If you would be willing to play intermediary I can either pay you a fee or trade EB parts. Contact me at 559-283-2008 txt anytime All contingent on it still being for sale. Thanks..Mo
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Bronco Guru
Mar 10, 2004
Sorry a bit out of my range, but I like old stereo equipment... Gotta ask, what are the details of the equipment?