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PRP Enduro


Sr. Member
Apr 28, 2002
I am looking at some PRP enduro recliner front buckets. Does anyone have these? How did you mount them? Do they sit as low as stock reupholstered? I am fine with stock height but don’t want higher.

I was looking at Mastercraft as well, but their rear bench does not have headrests.


Bronco Guru
Mar 27, 2012
Rogers County Oklahoma
Reach out to KSM here, she has these in her bronco. I made custom mounts to install, she is height challenged so I set the seat base on an angle so that as the seat moves forward it raises and moves back gets lower. I was able to get them mounted were they were not higher than stock without any real issues. She also has a Tuffy Box under the passenger seat so I know they are not mounted lower than stock. Been a few years so its not real fresh in my mind.