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Speed gems 6r80 and Duffs dual sport monster 4 link. review


Jr. Member
Aug 16, 2010
After a little over year and a half on the road all I can say is it is such an amazing difference that my wife has stolen my Bronco. Where I live in South Georgia St. Simons Island, I am 70 miles north of Jacksonville Fl. and 70 south of Savannah and on a beautiful day that is the usual excursion. with a couple 3 hour drives to Orlando. In the past she would never want to drive it primarily because of control. P.O had a skyjacker 5.5 system which was not great for stability and a little jumpy at speed. My bronco's initial restoration can be seen online https://www.4x4review.com/section/features/project-vehicles/project-buckshot/ . That being said If you have watched any of the videos of the duff's suspension setup, I can say it handles as well as they say. Wife has no qualms driving on those day trips at all with confidence of one hand on the wheel laser straight at 75 mph she loves driving it and as we can all attest, she loves the thumbs up she gets. and the occasional semi honking at her. The speed gems will make things tight so if you have the option to cut panels in the interior to access from above, I recommend it. I went with a 2' body lift to make it a little easier. While installing the 6r80 I decided to make it really tight by having the Atlas installed. That being said If you are on the fence on doing your suspension duffs knocked it out of the park in that regard. I really want to thank Van Tumblin for him being a great human and his attention to detail and expertise as a mechanic. I have not had a single issue or engine leak at all. He knows his Holley EFI setups in regard to getting everything dialed in! I cannot recommend him enough.